Senin, 31 Desember 2012

Giveaway Internacional Kit Mememe Cosmetics

Hiii guys !! Happy New year Guys!! di tahun estrelinha ngadain giveaway lohh Wuaawww!!~ dan hadiahnya pun menarik banget yaitu Kit Mememe CosmeticsWuuuauauaw!!!~ ini saatnya mengaung guys , giveawaynya International , jadi buat kalian para ladies yang di luarnegri sanaa... kalian juga harus ikutan lohh , hadiahnya kali ini menggiurkan , deadline nya sampe 31/03/2013 naahh lamaa khan ,, yuk ikutan makanya :D sebelum terlambat , aku juga ikutan kok #apasih Langsung aja ke TKP Giveaway Internacional Kit Mememe Cosmetics WML yaa!! bbay :D muwaaah happy new year guys ONE GLASS WATER,
be better in everything!~

Selasa, 25 Desember 2012

Mini Xmas + New Year Giveaway ft The Jewels Parlour

Hello everyone, good night (here) yap once again I congratulate the Christmas and new year: D Christmas And hopefully this year Being A path to goodness. and hopefully Year and Christmas 2013 Being better than this year And now I'm going to hold a giveaway sponsored by The Jewels Parlour . First thank you for your cooperation It was the first giveaway on my blog . 

 Use this banner for additional blog post entry :)

- Indonesia Only- 
sorry for readers outside Indonesia


Vintage Prize

 Terrible Prize
 Lovely Prize

Winner: I'll choose 3 winners, each winner will receive a gift from me
Timeline: From 25-12-2012 to 19-01-2013

HOW TO  JOIN: Follow the rules below, you MUST do the mandatory rules.

Mandatory RULES:
1. Follow my blog via GFC (Google Friend Connect) located in the sidebar (Followers) I will check it
3. Enter a comment at the bottom of this post "What do you want on the blog in 2013 and Enter a comment telling me what is your favourite gift from all three gift ? and Tell me how long have you been reading my blog, what you like about my blog, or myself lol, or what you dont like. etc.  
Please use this format in your comment! Note: Fill it out properly or else entries will be invalid , where I can contact you
GFC Name:
Facebook link:
4. Share my giveaway on your twitter/facebook. I will check it
Additional Entries
1.  Make a blog post about this giveaway (don't forget to put use my banner above + URL on your post) [+1 point]
2. Put my giveaway banner on your sidebar. [+1 point]

And the winners will be picked by ME, not randomly, but based on your comment
Not the comment that licks my ass wtf, nope, but more about what you really feel about my blog.. Good or bad, I accept all. I just want to see whole-hearted comment

So that's it! if you have any further question regarding the giveaway, don't hesitate to ask (≧∇≦)/Thanks for joining and goo luck to everyone of you
 and Good Luck Guys !!~

nb : coment pake bahasa iindonesia juga gapapa ^^ 

PPyoong!! Merry xmas and happy new Year 


Senin, 24 Desember 2012

SPONSORED Jealousness Waterproof Gel Eyeliner

hello guys  메리 크리스마스 or Merry Christmas to all of you who celebrate \(^ω^\)( /^ω^)/  .  umm okay, here I'll post the Gel Eyeliner from Jealousness Jealousness have good quality makeup, I admit it affordable and of course quality (・ωー)~☆   .  Jealousness Waterproof Gel Eyeliner I think is the best eyeliner
Well let's check my review below . 

First for packing, packing the right Jealousness have a funny, if you like the pink, you must have it ´・ω・` . 

Description :
Jealousness Waterproof Gel Eyeliner - Sparkling Brown is is an eyebrow pencil gel spread over the eyelid and safe to use for the sensitive eye area because it is made from natural ingredients and is safe for everyday wear.

Jealousness Waterproof Gel Eyeliner - Sparkling Brown contains 100% BareMinerals that will make your eyes look bigger and sharper. Equipped with a brown color with gliter that would give the impression of glamor and luxury to your eyes with beautiful colors and will make your eyes look more beautiful. You can wear a party, or to a formal event, this gel pencil would be the most suitable option for you

BareMinerals 100%
Eyeliner BareMinerals contains 100% useful to give greater effect and sharper on your eyes. Because of its high content of BareMinerals, making it easy to use Jealousness Waterproof Gel Eyeliner And no harm to your eyes.

Jealousness Waterproof Gel Eyeliner has a good waterproof, it is evident from the above picture I highly recommend for those of you who like the waterproof eyeliner gel, Eyeliner is resistant to water, so it does not make your mascara fluid fade and ruin your appearance . 

omg I'm so embarrassed (。ノω\。) I really like the gel eyeliner, because it is easily applied in your eyes, the truth is I was not good at applying eyeliner in my eye . 
Jealousness Waterproof Eyeliner Gel is made from natural ingredients and contains no harmful chemicals, making it safe to use and does not cause irritation.

Packing : 
I really liked packingnya, because it is very pretty pink and shaped hanger love interest to be brought anywhere
 Water Test :
  proved that Jealousness Waterproof Gel Eyeliner has a good water resistance, You will feel more beautiful and charming, and will appear more confident. Eyeliner gel is resistant to water, so that your eye makeup will stay awake.
Eyeliner is made from natural ingredients and do not contain harmful chemicals, which makes it safe to use on a daily basis, to the office, the day-to-day activities of the party or event and does not cause irritation.
Like : 
Black color 
     containing BareMinerals
 Natural effect 
dislike : 
Nothing I think these are very high quality gel eyeliner
Where to buy : 
you can buy it online, at Jealousness Indonesia 
affordable many interesting options to add to your makeup collection
  or like them on facebook

thank you, sorry if there are typo thank you for your visit
I say MERRY CHRISTMAS and  Happy New Year


Sabtu, 15 Desember 2012

Sponsored Review Nail Polish ECLIPSE

hello, and this is my second post this night Hi All!!~ in my second post, I'll post about nail polish yap, I get three nail polish from Art Buffet yup, Art Buffet sells a variety of Nail art products at a low price, so check my review below . 

I was given 1. Red color number 414
1 .  Purple 220
1.  Blink Pink 125
and the first one I will be reviewing for red

  and the second color purple (maybe not purple as usual but I do not know what to say it)

and the last pink with blink 

 yeahh .. what do you think? I really like nail polish because it is very helpful because my nails are not too good

Like :
the texture I love it, and do not agglomerate liquid, therefore it is not easy to dry in the bottle . 
color not easily fade
nothing pungent smells
easily dry when applied to the nails
and you know the guys ECLIPSE in production from korea 
the price is very affordable

Dislike : 

where to buy : 
You can buy it via online shop at Art Buffet
Further Information :
PIN 269A3074
HP: 08999035470

Rabu, 12 Desember 2012

Sponsored Review Fashion Flower Vintage

hi everyone, I'm back #LOL, and you know what guys ?  I'll post about Fashion XD ah yeah ... umm lately I'm interested in Fashion but I also will not forget Beauty, and I know fashion and beauty put together a very special #Whatisthis? yeaayy .. I got a new sponsor is Red cherry ! thank you very much I'm very happy to work with your shop , well this is my review

  Flower Collar Dress / Yongki komaladi / Q,Q

and you know, the dress is perfect for any event  , with a collar like that gives the impression of a deep vintage . plus flower motif can be applied with colored stockings 
dress that makes you look elegant and sensual make ourselves have a plus . dress is perfect for people who are feminine, I think Flower Collar Dress frees us to move. and I really liked it .
young people today really like the theme of Vintage clothing, as well as me. because it is very antique and unique . 
with the addition of the belt gives the impression in the antique and vintage . 

Where to Buy : 

Red Cherry 

they sell some fashion products with low price 

and find they on 

Instagram / Twitter  : @shop_redcherry 



Sabtu, 08 Desember 2012

Sponsored Review Jealousness Waterproof Sunny Eyeliner Liquid

Hello everyone, how are you? how about this december? is fun, I think in the month of December is a lot of exciting events #I hope my wish can be granted in december # . Yesterday I completed the final examination semester at school, I hope I get the best value in the classroom and school. so I did not get to post, because it was so busy -.- and now, let's have fun with my post .
you know whay guys , I get waterproof eyeliner from Jealousness OMG !! Jealousness USA is an international cosmetic product. After the success in some countries, are now present in Indonesia Jealousness. Jealousness offers a range of makeup products that will make every woman in Indonesia to be like a princess in their dreams so amazing
owkay let's check my review 

Description : 
Sunny Jealousness Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner - Diamond Crystal - Brush taper is a black liquid eyeliner with a firm. Decorated by the glitter that shape and define the eye with a sharp line to make your eyes look more glamorous and sparkling with sparkling fairy flickering.
Formulated from waterproof materials that make your eyes shine every time. Get a charming elegance in a series of excellent products from Jealousness and make everyone jealous with your exotic appearance.

The first is the packing , I love it because it is very unique and funny, and I know rarely find cute cosmetic packs like this . pink color favored by the young and makeup lovers make own interest . 
Tapered brush makes us easy to apply in our eyes, efficient and hassle great fun

   and then on my Eyes Tadaaa!!~

Packing : 
I really liked packingnya, because it is very pretty pink and shaped hanger love interest to be brought anywhere

Quick dry :
I do not like to wait, and it Jealousness Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner takes quite a long time to dry, but I think it is suitable recycle used every day

Water Test :
you know what guys I had used 2 hours and I mixed in the water: D results, I'd say verry great because I've been wearing it for 2 hours , high absorption resistance caused lasting eyeliner

Comfort :
one eyeliner that is easy to apply, does not cause irritation and it is etrpenting so our eyes look healthy, I really liked both with the anti water I highly recommend for career women who love beautiful eyes

Like : 
Brush the tape
easy to apply 
Not irritating
Waterproof, Smudgeproof!!

Dislike : 

Where To Getyou can buy it at Jealousness Indonesia
affordable many interesting options to add to your makeup collection

Like on Facebook Jealousness Indonesia 

Sabtu, 24 November 2012

Sponsored Review Gothic3tones Blue

Hello everyone, good night and hppy weekend . last week I had a new sponsor OMG OMG yeaahh ISZO Circle Lens,they sponsor my blog, thanks to the iszocirclelens Thks so much delighted to be working with you. iszocirclelens give me a pair of contact lens, they give me Gothic3tones Blue 14.5mm Uwaaawww... Like thisss yoo like this I really love it because it makes my eyes contact lens look like barbie doll xixixi.... 
Chekidot for the review

 OMG iszocirclelens gave me a very cute lens case I lovvee itthks you iszocirclelens

Descripton : 
Diameter : 14.5mm
Base Curve : 
Lens' Lifetime : 
1 Year Disposable Water Content: 38%
Labelled by: 
DollyEye / Douceurs
Colour :
 I love the color, the color blue mixed with yellow I think is very beautiful in my eyes,looks like BarbieI think this cute color gives a funny impression on your eyes  
Comfort :
No prop in the eyes, does not make my eyes too tired. and I think I was more appropriate to use the brand from DollyEye
Enlargement :
designed with the form is not too big. 14.5mm in diameter, with a color pattern and a real funny ,but I liked the large diameter of the contact lens
Overall  : 
have the impression that the contact lens to the wearer, it is very beautiful and looks Fresh patterned with blue and yellow colors. I highly recommend it for anyone who is not too fond of large diameter , not too big so it provides a little extra thought, I really like it because it does not bother my eyes
recommended :  recommend it for anyone who is not too fond of large diameter
where I can buy it :

Get Discount until 10% 
Just Applying Code ADELIA10

you can buy it in the store contact lens ISZO Circle Lens 
seller friendly, made ​​us comfortable to buy
Just $22.00 
Like they on facebook ISZO Circle Lens

Well Thks Guys , thanks for Visiting my blog ╭(*⌒з⌒)人 (⌒ε⌒*)ノ #Highfive LOL 
 Sorry if there are mistakes Hope u like This Post 
  i will be back with more posts!
have a nice week guys ~





Jumat, 23 November 2012

My Lovely Sister 1.000.000 Pageview! Giveaway

Heyoo Everybody , kali ini aku mau post make bahasa indonesia dulu ya ihihi.... 
sekarang aku mau Posting tentang Giveawaaayyy!!! *Derp face * 
yahh giveaway lagi giveaway lagi .... Because I LOVE GIVEAWAY cicicic ... 
aku baru liat liat post di blog nya kak Pinastika yeay Ternyata aku di sambut dengan Postingan paling atas yaitu post tentang GIVEAWAY yuuk cekidot kita intip 
Giveawaynya dari My Lovely Sister yaitu Online shop yang menyediakan berbagai Merek terkenal Woaaa... 
yukk ikutan gimana sih caranya dan apa sih hadiahnya 
giveaway untuk mendapatkan voucher  Voucher akan dibagi untuk 3 pemenang dengan ketentuan:
1. Juara 1 -- Rp. 500.000
2. Juara 2 -- Rp. 350.000
3. Juara 3 -- Rp. 150.000
1. Retweet tentang giveaway ini dengan mencantumkan @mylovelysister
2. Reblog tentang giveaway ini
untuk informasi lebih lanjut kalian bisa liat di mybeautypinastika