Jumat, 26 Oktober 2012

Girl's Day COMEBACK !!

hi all ..... This time I'll post about kpop, not about beauty haha, no problem right
because I love kpop ᄏᄏᄏᄏ!!~ 

I liked Boyband:
B2ST!!! yeah I'm a B2UTY
and a band that is
F.T Island

and girlband, of course I liked it. I was idolized
Girl's Day
and another
4 Minute

anyone here who likes Girl's day?
Well now I'm talking about Girl's Day, they've Comeback
I'm a fan of his I've been waiting for them 
they released a mini-album on 18/04/2012 with titled Girl's Day - Everyday II
01. Two Of Us
02. Oh! My God
03. Don’t Flirt!
04. Telepathy
05. Oh! My God (Instrumental)

to download the mini album click 
Girl's Day - Everyday II
Girl's Day, which has recently reformed the group with four members after the departure Jihae, they come back after six months with a single to their 5 'Girl's Day Party # 5' and their song "Do not Forget Me"!

Music videos portray members Hyeri experiencing first love and reflect back on the memory. The lyrics sing of a girl and a boy who falls in love with one another, but can not convey their emotions and finally say goodbye.
check it out below !!

I think its very interesting video clip, the song was very awesome makes our hearts flying in the song
lyrics that touch makes Girl's Day seems like a great lady.
they are able to bring dance and rhythm sounds beautiful. 

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