Kamis, 25 Oktober 2012

Tutorial Lips to Be KAWAII

Duck lips are called “Ahirukuchi” or “Ahiruguchi” in Japanese. (ahiru= duck, kuchi= mouth, guchi is to make kuchi pronounced easier when it’s combined with other words.) Making duck lips is considered kawaii in Japan now, especially among young Japanese girls. I didn’t know Ahiruguchi is even popular as “duck lips” outside Japan!!

Beauty essence designed for cute lips was released lately. It helps girls make cute lips, regardless of duck lips. ^ ^; It can be used as a replacement of lip gloss, according to the reviews of the users. My problem is that I don’t like to put on lipstick unless it’s health-conscious product. No matter how beautiful the color is, I just don’t feel like applying it on my lips once I see what’s inside.
People say it’s very small amount of “something artificial” such as fragrance or chemicals inside the beauty product that even affects nothing to human body. I know that, but I feel so bad when I take it into my body every time I drink or eat something. While at the same time I don’t mind eating fast food or pre-cooked food. You see how contradicting I am. haha! ^ ^;
Speaking of cosmetics, I somehow cannot help thinking this way. Because of this, I often prefer wearing lip balm or lipstick from the natural cosmetics brand I’ve been using since I was 21, instead of general lip gloss or lipstick. But I may want to check out the lip care essence instead of using lip gloss. :p Oh, I mean, it’s not for making duck lips myself. lol I personally think duck lips are cute, but it’s strange if everyone follows the same pattern of facial expression. Someday people will get bored with it. What do you think?

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Dewie Aprillia mengatakan...

you are so cute^^

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thanks :)

sally t. le mengatakan...

I used the expression all the time and I KNOW that some people are very sick and tired of it.. I do however think it's very fun to do it especially when you are in a big group of girls. So much fun. Like you, I also much prefer a lipbalm than a lipstick but I have been trying lipsticks more and more now.

Btw. I love that little Japanese lesson in the beginning :D ! I am studying Japanese so this is so quirky for me.

- Sally ^-^

Yumna Adelia mengatakan...

xiixi... thx so much Dewie
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Yumna Adelia mengatakan...

xixixi thank you for your visit ..
if I prefer lip balm instead of lipstick

Dewie Aprillia mengatakan...

done followback^^

thanks Yumna..xoxoxo:)

Yumna Adelia mengatakan...

xixix call me Adel

Anonim mengatakan...

Cute you're to cute!
Hey that's you in the photo?