Selasa, 20 November 2012

Fashion White Women Winter Coat

Hello everybody ?? how are you?? Glad to be back to see you , whether you remember, Christmas will soon arrive Ohhh gosh ....  This is GOOD news xixixi !!
Let's sing with me
I wanna wish you a Merry Christmas
I wanna wish you a Merry Christmas
I wanna wish you a Merry Christmas
From the bottom of my heart.
 xixixi it is the song Feliz Navidad from Celine Dion
Do you want to have a Christmas to enjoy, instead of a Christmas full of stress? Most people feel exactly the same way that you do, but instead they go through the Christmas season feeling stressed and tired.
 By the way  
This time I'll post about Fashion =D hope you like it dear.
whether you are preparing for Christmas events ,If it is you should not forget About Fashion OWKAY!!
appearance is very important to enliven your Christmas .
At Christmas we usually wear warm clothes worn but still beautiful do you agree!!
 I'm interested in one product from vivi-clothes
VIVI Clothes is a reliable company focused on fashion and women in the Netherlands .They sell high quality clothing from Japan, Hong Kong and Korea. VIVI Clothes is known for unique clothing, shoes, gadgets and much more. OMG You should prepare to buy.
I particularly liked the store because I thought they were selling goods branded goods and the quality is good
They sell an assortment of products for instance  
Clothing for Women
male underwear and of course
Tokyo Fashion =
     - Gothic
     - Harajuku Cosplay
     - Kimono
     - Lolita
     - School Uniform

I Love it !! 
They have new products that Paris Luxe Designer White Women Winter Coat OMG
What kind of dress?
Let's check it 

What Do you think of the Coat ?? 
I think this dress looks very graceful and very beautiful The color is very charming and fabulous . 
Looks sexy but it also looks very elegant, that's what you need on Christmas celebrations . 
Buttons and belt which gives the impression of vintage and Beautify coat and so very Awesome.
still look beautiful when It is paired with trousers or shirts. 
Recommended :  I'm very Encourage you to buy it, so this Christmas year looks still sexy beautiful and graceful

Where To Get
Availibe stock 
S ,M ,L ,XL
Like them on facebook : VIVI Cothes
Follow them on twitter : @VIVIClothes

Let's get Buy and prepared to look like Snow White


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Dewie Aprillia mengatakan...

ga kerasa cepet banget tahunnya yah ^^

qwertyldyone5845 mengatakan...

icicic iya Ci bener bener :D

ElszaDanDunia mengatakan...

wow udh mau musim dingin, nice coat ya dear

qwertyldyone5845 mengatakan...

Iya nih dear thx for visit nyaaa.. icicic
ayoo serbu sis :D cantik loh coatnya

blackberryfashion mengatakan...

beautiful coat ;)

qwertyldyone5845 mengatakan...

Sure , let's grab it :D