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Sponsored Review Gothic3tones Blue

Hello everyone, good night and hppy weekend . last week I had a new sponsor OMG OMG yeaahh ISZO Circle Lens,they sponsor my blog, thanks to the iszocirclelens Thks so much delighted to be working with you. iszocirclelens give me a pair of contact lens, they give me Gothic3tones Blue 14.5mm Uwaaawww... Like thisss yoo like this I really love it because it makes my eyes contact lens look like barbie doll xixixi.... 
Chekidot for the review

 OMG iszocirclelens gave me a very cute lens case I lovvee itthks you iszocirclelens

Descripton : 
Diameter : 14.5mm
Base Curve : 
Lens' Lifetime : 
1 Year Disposable Water Content: 38%
Labelled by: 
DollyEye / Douceurs
Colour :
 I love the color, the color blue mixed with yellow I think is very beautiful in my eyes,looks like BarbieI think this cute color gives a funny impression on your eyes  
Comfort :
No prop in the eyes, does not make my eyes too tired. and I think I was more appropriate to use the brand from DollyEye
Enlargement :
designed with the form is not too big. 14.5mm in diameter, with a color pattern and a real funny ,but I liked the large diameter of the contact lens
Overall  : 
have the impression that the contact lens to the wearer, it is very beautiful and looks Fresh patterned with blue and yellow colors. I highly recommend it for anyone who is not too fond of large diameter , not too big so it provides a little extra thought, I really like it because it does not bother my eyes
recommended :  recommend it for anyone who is not too fond of large diameter
where I can buy it :

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seller friendly, made ​​us comfortable to buy
Just $22.00 
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Well Thks Guys , thanks for Visiting my blog ╭(*⌒з⌒)人 (⌒ε⌒*)ノ #Highfive LOL 
 Sorry if there are mistakes Hope u like This Post 
  i will be back with more posts!
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