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Sponsored Review Maijah Grape Face Mask

Hello everyone??? how are you?? I hope you're doing well. OK yesterday I have posted about Softlens, sponsored by UNIQSO and now I was getting A face mask from Maijah (≧ε≦*) . Long weekend at home beautifying themselves better use of products Maijah ┓( ̄∀ ̄)┏  *great idea* and if you do not have time to go to a salon or spa, you can use a product from a practical Maijah .
Masks made ​​with natural ingredients so it is safe for sensitive-faced guys. I get 1 grape face mask from Maijah, thank you very much for your product Maijah very comfortable use. ヾ(´^ω^)ノ
Here is a screenshot :

The pack is very funny, made ​​me pity to throw it away ヽ(д`ヽ) 

Very Convenient to use, easy to wear and not heat when exposed face ´3` Like this yoo Like this XD *LOL*

After Yeaaayy!!!  I really like the results, very satisfying

Description Product : 
 grape face mask is suitable for all skin types. 
- to soften the face
- reduce wrinkles
- rich in antioxidants, so the face look younger

 There are a wide range of products and functions of each :
  • Face Mask Chocolate
  • Facemask Green Tea  
  • Facemask Coffee
  • Facemask Mud 
  • Facemask Milk
  • Facemask Grape
 and many different size 
100gr, 50gr, and 25gr 
As the grains I love it ,
Make your face feels cold
Smell :
Very refreshing fragrance, Fresh Made us back. I love it 

The pack is a very interesting and funny to make us interested to buy

Highly recommended for sensitive skin, the fragrant smell makes me feel fresh again
Recomended : Hurry Hurry !!
you can buy it at 

Neng Ijah House-Spa


or contact 085 772 111 001

See you Babay Hope , I hope this is useful to you and hopefully I can help.
sorry if there is a typo *Bighug*
▹(ˇ⌣ˇ)◃ LOL


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