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Mini Xmas + New Year Giveaway ft The Jewels Parlour

Hello everyone, good night (here) yap once again I congratulate the Christmas and new year: D Christmas And hopefully this year Being A path to goodness. and hopefully Year and Christmas 2013 Being better than this year And now I'm going to hold a giveaway sponsored by The Jewels Parlour . First thank you for your cooperation It was the first giveaway on my blog . 

 Use this banner for additional blog post entry :)

- Indonesia Only- 
sorry for readers outside Indonesia


Vintage Prize

 Terrible Prize
 Lovely Prize

Winner: I'll choose 3 winners, each winner will receive a gift from me
Timeline: From 25-12-2012 to 19-01-2013

HOW TO  JOIN: Follow the rules below, you MUST do the mandatory rules.

Mandatory RULES:
1. Follow my blog via GFC (Google Friend Connect) located in the sidebar (Followers) I will check it
3. Enter a comment at the bottom of this post "What do you want on the blog in 2013 and Enter a comment telling me what is your favourite gift from all three gift ? and Tell me how long have you been reading my blog, what you like about my blog, or myself lol, or what you dont like. etc.  
Please use this format in your comment! Note: Fill it out properly or else entries will be invalid , where I can contact you
GFC Name:
Facebook link:
4. Share my giveaway on your twitter/facebook. I will check it
Additional Entries
1.  Make a blog post about this giveaway (don't forget to put use my banner above + URL on your post) [+1 point]
2. Put my giveaway banner on your sidebar. [+1 point]

And the winners will be picked by ME, not randomly, but based on your comment
Not the comment that licks my ass wtf, nope, but more about what you really feel about my blog.. Good or bad, I accept all. I just want to see whole-hearted comment

So that's it! if you have any further question regarding the giveaway, don't hesitate to ask (≧∇≦)/Thanks for joining and goo luck to everyone of you
 and Good Luck Guys !!~

nb : coment pake bahasa iindonesia juga gapapa ^^ 

PPyoong!! Merry xmas and happy new Year 


25 komentar:

Sabrina Tedjokusuma mengatakan...

Tutorial puhhhleaseee~ Lol. i alwaaaayss love tutorial. :D It helps me a lot since i just a newbie in this beauty thingy world :p
I love that lovely prize. The pearl bracelet is sooo cute to the max level. And match with my necklace. LOL. i read since your super cute maijah grape face mask. :D
Your blog is so cute and i'm 1000% sure you too. And this pinky thing? i LOVE this cutey template. Your header? The doodle? Cuteness overloaded. LOL. The thing i think you should improve is the picture quality. tehee... The truth is my picture quality is not that good, so i sholdn't say this to you T__T BUT, to improve your blog, my blog, we should improve our pics quality. For sure. I think pictures are essential to our blog. :D

GFC Name: Sabrina Tedjokusuma
Facebook link:

SOrry, bad english. :v

qwertyldyone5845 mengatakan...

Good luck kak sabrina :D

Dewie Aprillia mengatakan...

hi! join yahh ^^
1. DONE!
2. DONE!
3. nice blog anyway, neat and easy to understand language, the English language may want to like you ..
I suggest for the future,mungkin fotonya bisa semaksimal mungkin dibuat bagus..jadi reader suka pantengin blog km ^^
sama usul buat make up nya, jarang nemuin post di blog ini tentang make up tutorial..hehe kebanyakan review >,<
keep blogging dan makin kreatif aja dech ya..hohohoo

GFC : dewie aprillia
Email :
Link FB :

4. Share facebook :
share twitter :

blogpost :

sidebar :

I wannaaaa "LOVELY PRIZE" sooo cute bracelet >,<

Ashari Puspita mengatakan...

1. GFC Name: ashari puspita dewi
2. Email:
3. Facebook link:
4. Share my giveaway on your twitter (
5. Blogpost:
6. Sidebar :

♥ baca blogmu sejak kamu posting tentang k-pop.
♥ review rutin yg kamu posting menarik.
♥ try to be yourself dear. You must believe if you can!
♥ if you are not sure about the language that you use on blog post, don"t hesitate to open your dictionary. so you know the correct grammar^^
♥ yang ga ku suka cuma label di blogmu. aku suka yang tengah, cz more presentable

♥♥♥♥♥BTW, I choose terrible prize! Spike headband make our appearance more Korean♥♥♥♥♥

Anita Larasati mengatakan...

I have followed your blog and also like The Jewels Parlour on facebook
What do you want on the blog in 2013? I want more tutotial beauty thing (?) and fashion pleasee~ and more giveaway as you can haha xP can you share experience? your reader need to know your journey lah xD keep improving your self and blog, more close with reader ^^
Hmm about my favourite gift from all three gift ? CAN I HAVE ALL OF THEM? OK NO, let me choose.. all item is nice but i choose TERRIBLE and LOVELY PRIZE. Yeah between those two items. If you want me to choose one, then I prefer LOVELY PRIZE beacuse I like cute thing hihi xD
I have been reading your blog for a long time so i don't remember it :p maybe it was when firstly we introduce our self and this blog have BIG RESOLUTION yeah \m/
As I write before I like cute thing, so this blog is match for me *i think* can you add gadget for chatting? it'll increace your visitor surely :) About you, Adel. You're very friendly and nice I'm glad having friend like you n_n both of us are cute -u-

GFC Name: Anita Larasati
Facebook link:

K-llyPOP mengatakan...

Aye aye!
How a wonderful blog this is^^
Envy envy envy >< I envy with you. How can you... oh my gyu how can you made this wonderful and super super cute blog? I like all things at this blog except one, what is this? *jengg jenggg* your photo at sidebar, i think the frame doesn't match (ehhmm do you know what i mean), may you can change those frame.
Ehhmmm next~ about what i want on this blog on next year, I want more giveaway next year, hehehe yeah and i want to win and take all the prize hehehe. Eeehhmmm i chose "Vintage Prize" why? i think it's like sunggyu's necklace, if you watch INFINITE's the chaser mv, you'll watch kim sunggyu wore or brought necklace like a Vintage Prize. Because that necklace like sunggyu's necklace so i love it!!! and I want it!!!!! hehehe. I think it's enough i hope you chose me and give that prize XD Aye Aye~

GFC Name : rayi elok intania
Facebook link:

Vanisa Desfriani mengatakan...

aku komen pake bahasa indonesia aja ya, biar gampang :D

yang pertama, aku suka banget blog kamu karena nge'pink' dan unyu-unyu gituu. soalnya aku suka warna pink. dan blog
nya segeeer di pandang mata. ga ngebosesnin :)
untuk tahun 2013, aku pengen baca soal tutorial dong, juga jangan lupa pake video atau photo gitu biar jelas. hehe ;p
tambahannya mungkin : tambahin gadget like fpnya di bog. biar orang-orang pada tahu fb nya blog ini :)
juga, tambahin translate ya :)
dan labelnya di pindahin ke pinggir aja. atau kalo engga, ga usah pasang 3 gitu. mending ganti pakai gambar atau logo atau tulisan dll yang menjaadi ciri khas blognya :)

gfc : vanisa desfriani
fb :
email :
banner :
share :

di fb, slalu tag fp nya ya :)

mksih ^^

Inge Lakawa mengatakan...

GFC: Inge Lakawa
FB: Inge Lakawa
What do you want on the blog in 2013? i want tutorial \m/ tutorial apa aja. make up ato hairstyle ^^ etc. what is your favourite gift from all three gift ? bando yg di pake hyuna. keren banget itu. how long have you been reading my blog? i think for few minutes because im new followers ^^ but im sure i will read more in the future. what you like about my blog? pertama aku suka banget ama templatenya. pink pink lucu gt. aplagi gambar diatasnya itu lol gambar banner yg ada kucingnya itu loh lucu bagt. what you dont like? kurang review produk.
siebar and blogpost:

visit my blog ^^

qwertyldyone5845 mengatakan...

pilih hadiah yang mana dear :D

Dini Handayani mengatakan...

ikutan yah?
Aku suka blog kamu yang ga ribet dan berlebihan, cewe banget jadi pas sama isinya. Cukup betah buat beberapa orang mampir disini.
Untuk 2013 saya pengen baca review dari setiap produk kamu, berguna banget loh, semua pengguna blog pasti setuju dan pengen hal sama. Karna review itu menarik. Boleh ditambah tutorial lewat video dan gambar, agar para pengunjung semakin betah buat lama-lama disini :)

aku kehipnotis sama " vintage prize " nya kamu. :)

my fb: dini handayani

my link:

my gfc: dini handayani's blog

my link:

my tweeter: @diniismyname

my email:

Dyah Ayu Nurinda Shabrina mengatakan...

Aku pengen review tentang eyeliner, eyeshadow, sama lense dibanyakin. Soalnya aku sekarang lagi gandrung sama mereka bertiga. Juga dikasih tips gimana sih cara ngolesin maskara yg bener. Tiap aku coba ngolesin kok gak pernah lurus. Bawaan tangan kayak gemeter gitu kalo ngolesin maskara.. :)

Aku suka yang ribbon pearl brackelet. Unyu unyu beud :)

Kalo tepatnya aku baca blogmu, kurang tau ya. Tp menurut history di mozilla-ku, sekitar bulan september 2012.
Aku suka blog ini soalnya reviewnya gak bertele tele. Terus gambarnya juga lumayan juga. Jadinya eyecatching banget. Kalo masalah template ya awesome lah.
Yang aku kurang suka dari blog ini itu label, kok seperti kepanjangan ya. Agak memakan banyak tempat. Sama aku kurang suka yang di bagian contact. Terlalu sederhana, menurutku jomplang sama template blognya yang cenderung rame. Tapi itu menurutku lo yaa :)

GFC Name: Dyah Ayu Nurinda Shabrina
Facebook link:

Shared on twitter:
Shared on facebook:

Wish me luck :)

Shamagachi mengatakan...

Hi.. nice to meet you.. Nice blog by the way.. (=^-ω-^=)
I’ve done the mandatory rules, you can check it..
1. I’ve followed your blog, as name “Shamagachi”, follower number 67
2. I’ve liked The Jewels Parlour on Facebook as name Anggraeni Dias Saputri
3. My favorite gift.? Oh shit I can’t choose one of it. They are awesome. I wanna have all of it if it’s allowed. d(=^・ω・^=)b But if you asked me what the most I want, I’ll take the Vintage Prize, I dunno why, but it’s looked cute and sweet.. You kill me when you asked how long I’ve been reading your blog. As you know, I’m new member of your blog, and you can make a conclusion that I’ve just read your blog for a little hour ago. o(´^`)o But from your blog I know that you are kinda cute girl, charming and lovely. You must be a Korean-freak. Tell me that’s true. Hope we can make a friend from here..
You can contact me :
GFC : Shamagachi
Email :
Facebook : Anggraeni Dias Saptri (
Twitter : @its_shamagachi (
4. I’ve shared your give away on my twitter and facebook..
You can check them anytime you want…
And I also do your additional entries..
I’ve made ablog post about this give away, you can check it :

Be my follower too on my blog please.. thank you.. :3

mitchellina metta mengatakan...

1. followed on GFC :)
2. liked on Facebook :)

3. pertama kesini lsg suka sama design blog nya <3 lucuu polkadot PINK keke :p simple, tp unyu aja gt hahaha XD
sarannya mungkin nanti kamu bs nambahin kaya haul, tutorial, ato personal life. kan jd lebih rame drpd cm review trus >_< lebih banyak giveaway maybe? :p
aku seneng cara nulis kamu yang enak dibaca, simple, jelas. ga pernah bosen bacanya :D tp mungkin foto2nya bisa dibagusin lg yaa kualitasnya ~
trus klo bs lebih srg nge post yah >< msalnya 2 hari sekali gituu.. hehe :)

aku milih hadiah yang kalung vintage, seneng aja ngoleksi aksesoris sama fashion vontage :DD lucu gimanaa gitu hahaha XD

anyway thanks for this giveaway yah :)
merry Christmas and happy new yeaaar *new year = 1jan = my bday too ^^ moga menang jd ini kado ultah ahaha XDD

GFC : mitchellina metta
email :
fb link :
twitter :

Anita Larasati mengatakan...

Hmm I remember now, I have been reading your blog since you posted about kpop. And I mean its have BIG REVOLUTION not RESOLUTION sorry for the mistake (:
Bcs from the simple to be a super duper cute blog is a big different right?

Warna Warni mengatakan...

ikutan ya mba ^^
follow blognya sudah saya lakukan tp fb ma twitter saya ga punya..

Ini pertama kalinya saya baca blog kamu dan memfollow blog kamu ^^ meski saya baru, saya suka tema blognya, rasanya adem ya.. perpaduan warnanya bagus dominasi putih dan pink, gambar headernya bagus banget.. lucu... tadi sempat lihat isi postingan, asik-saik juga postingannya ya ^^ Oia, saya usul ya.. label-label yang di bawah ini menurut saya cukup satu aja dalam bentuk cloud aja, 2 kolom sisanya bisa digunakan untuk buku tamu atau animasi gitu mau animasi kartun/game/pelihara hewan dsb. terus untuk kursornya ma faviconya diganti, dirubah pake icon yang lucu-lucu.. kursornya bisa pake gambar yang disesuaikan dg tema trs dipake efek bintang, fav iconnya disesuaikan dengan tema blognya. pasti tambah keren ^^

GFC Name: Warna Warni
Share dan pasang sidebar di blog sudah dilakuakn. silahkan berkunjung ke :

smeangat dan suskes selalu ya ^^

farida aisyah mengatakan...

GFC: farida aisyah
twitter: @faridaisyah
giveaway: lovely prize

jujur ini pertama kalinya lihat blog kamu, waktu pertama lihat blognya, ciyus teenager banget, aku suka. dunia teen itu menyenangkan apalagi kalo bisa berbagi diblog, sharing2....suasananya pink (serasa fly). paling aku suka foto diatasnya itu,tema: pincess marry with handsome man, aku sering berandai-andai kaya gitu tapi banyaklah yg ngejeklah, sekarang aku sadar dream itu teen, ga salah trims banget :). faviconnya juga bisa muter lucu, walau blog nya pakai bahasa inggris tapi bahsa inggrisnya sedehana mudah dipahami. kamu juga suka kpop, hehehee sama2 kpop jadinya connect. Moga2 ditahun 2013 ini blog wonder full stray cat bisa sukses,followers nya tambah banyak, and teen will never die :) sip dehhh

C Aretha Merylla mengatakan...

1. GFC Name: C. Aretha Merylla
2. E-mail: or
3. Facebook link:
4. Pake bahasa Indonesia aja boleh yaa? Hehe.. Jujur, ini pertama kalinya saya buka blog wonderfullstraycat hehe. Saya suka desain/skin blognya yang simple dan pinkish. Tapi, yang saya kurang suka adalah judul di headernya. Gardasi pink dan hitamnya kurang pas, jadi kesannya animasi sekali, kurang cocok sama kesan skin pure pink yang udah dipake sbg background blog :)

Yang saya inginkan di blog ini di tahun 2013? Banyakin giveaway pastinya hahaha:)

C Aretha Merylla mengatakan...

waduh ketinggalan, yang saya suka dari ketiga item di atas itu kayaknya yang lovely gift deh 9sebenernya yang vintage juga sih) hehe tapi yang lovely gift sajaa~ ;D

Arga Litha mengatakan...

Hai Kakak, ikutan ya. Siapa tahu suka koreksiku :)

GFC Name: Arga Litha
Facebook link: (Tha Artha)

Inginnya di 2013 gak hanya menampilkan pulasan make up saja, tapi perpaduan dengan baju mana yang dipakai. Gak lucu kan make up oke tapi kostumnya cupu? Selama ini blog kecantikan yang kuikuti hanya menampilkan keindahan riasan wajah, padahal kalau gak ditunjang dengan pakaian dan aksesoris yang sama aja boong. Untuk itu, jadilah pelopor ...

Jangan takut omongan teman, itu mereka sirik. Coba deh, pasti makin banyak yang mampir ke mari buat lihatain make up apa yang dipakai untuk acara prom night dan pakai baju apa biar berkesan, atau saat ultah enaknya bertema apa dengan riasan dan pilihan bajunya.
Berani jawab tantangan?

Lalu beri juga dong bagaiman cara membersihakan alat make up yang benar. Kuas blush on ku kotor, aku usap-usap agak keras di lantai, malah rusak. Habis aku bingung gimana. Kalau direndam dengan air kan lama keringnya. Atau spon eye shadow yang udah tebal dgn bekas pulasan eye shadow, gimana bersihinnya? Tolong diberi tips merawat alat make up biar awet, biar rapi, gak amburadul dan gampang jatuh dan pecah, terus rusak deh. Aku sering banget ngejatuhin bedak, gimana cara bawa ke mana-mana biar aman. Tolong kasih tips mengemas make up ya?

Lalu cara memilih make up sesuai jenis dan warna kulit. Jarang ada blog yang ngebahas ini. Sukanya gimana yang bikin mata kian dramatis lah, sapuan eye shadow merak lah, kan bosaaan >.< Kalau warnanya gak sesuai warna kulit kan percuma. Oke?

Kalau nambah artikel review produk, tutorial denagn video dan lainnya kan udah pasti dan wajib kamu lakukan biar blog ini makin ramai pengunjung.

Aku ngebaca ini awal bulan Desember, pas nyari Jealousness Waterproof Sunny Eyeliner eh nemu di sini. Sayangnya reviewnya terlalu singkat, dikit narasi. Walau asyik sih banyak fotonya, jadi jelas gimana produk ini bekerja. Sayangnya di sini sepi, yang komentar jarang banget. Aku juga sih, tiap kamu posting baru, aku cuma baca dan cling ... nyoba sendiri depan kaca.

Paling suka ini: jadi pengen beliii. Soalnya varian warna banyak dan hasil maksimal. Mana kamu cobain semua di tangan, warnanya bikin gemeees. Terus aplikasi di kelopak mata bagus ya <3 Suka suka sukaaa <3

kalau segi layout dan ukuran kolom isi, header, aku gak berani komen. Kan suka2 yang bikin blog. Lagipula ini simpel dan pas buka gak butuh waktu lama. Diaksses lewat hape juga cepat, padahal hapeku bukan smartphone ^^

repost di --

giveaway banner on sidebar -- in

shared --

kalau aku beruntung, mau ... spike head band, soalnya bikin kangen sama si Doggy :* Dia pasti udah bahagia, entah di man, mungkin di surga. Soalnya ngilang >.<

makasih :)

monica seles mengatakan...

ikutan ya kak :) semua syarat udh dipenuhi
blog :
fb :
twitter : @kyumonn
email :

jujur saya baru pertama kali mampir di blog ini, dan menurut saya blog ini girly bagi. jd cocok buat saya yg masi teens. saya udh liat bbrp postingan kk, dan saya pengen di 2013 postingan k-popnya dibanyakin, kalau bisa ada review buku jg. makasih :)

*wish me luck

Brenda evans mengatakan...

1. Followed blog via GFC (Google Friend Connect) located in the sidebar (Followers) I will check it
2. Liked The Jewels Parlour on facebook
3. what i want for your blog on 2013 in to hold more giveaways that i can win on! lol.
my fave gift is the spike headband.
to tell the thruth,ive just stumbled upon ur blog. what i like from ur blog is that it has a lovely design and theme,and u write ur posts nicely and not boring to read.

GFC Name: Brenda Evans
Facebook link:
4. Shared giveaway on twitter:

Additional Entries
Put giveaway banner on my sidebar. [+1 point]

monica seles mengatakan...

hai kak, ikutan ya :) semua syarat udh aku penuhi.
jujur, aku baru pertama kalinya mampir ke blog ini, dan menurutku blog ini girly bgt jd sesuai sama aku yg masih teens. dari beberapa postingan kk yg udh aku baca, aku plg suka yg ini
aku pgn 2013 ini kk lbh banyak mosting ttg k-pop kalo bisa ada review buku jg. makasih :)
oya, berhubung aku suka bgt pake kalung, jd aku pilih hadiah yg vintage prize *wish me luck
GFC Name:Monica Seles

Roro Hartinah Isyani mengatakan...

Hii sist i joind ur GA yaaa \^^/
All rules done cute :*

Mandatory RULES:
1. Follow my blog via GFC by Roro Michael Yong
2. Like The Jewels Parlour on facebook by Roro Michael Yong
3. Enter a comment : For the future, You can add a tutorial to make something expecially make a jewerly :D ehhee. its the first time i came here but please pick me to win one cute price :D n i love this blog for the first sight cause its so girly n i l love it.. :D finaly im is a girly girl *hehe so i think i'll choose The pearl bracelet its so cute n make me more girly n cute hehheee
GFC Name: Roro Hartinah Isyani
Facebook link:
4. Share my giveaway on your twitter/facebook. Oya i just shared ur giveaway in my twitter cause my facebook it just for game hehehe :D

Additional Entries
1. Make a blog post about this giveaway DONE u must visit my blog n read this post :D hehe
2. Put my giveaway banner on your sidebar SURE DONEDONE :D check here

BTW i love nail art to like you. Hah i know u because you n me its one soul AHAHA. sometime you must post about how to nail art for girly girl :D

Pick me yaaaaa sista :D
Nice to know you :* {}

Quinnan_Bloggy^^ mengatakan...

Hello, hows your day, Dear? Hope everythin is okay to you! :)
This blog is quite awesome! But there are some recommendations from me as your reader.
1. Please add menu bar at the top, so article will look more neatly-categorized.
2.Use "readmore" for each article, it will look easy-readable. In addition it will support the appearance of blog seem to be more exclusive.
3.Adjust the position of the sidebar and article on the home page.
4.Please add articles about fashion.
5.and give mooooooreeee giveaway for your loyal readers :p

GFC Name : Quinnan_Bloggy^^
email :
facebook link :

facebook shared :
twitter shared :

check my blog on

If I have to choose one of the adorable gift, it must be VINTAGE PRIZE! :)

thanks! and wish me luck!

Angela Michelle mengatakan...

Hello sista i joind ur GA. All rules done lho

Mandatory RULES:
1. Follow my blog via GFC by Angela Michelle
2. Like The Jewels Parlour on facebook by -
3. Enter a comment : For the future you must post more tutorial n make many giveaway :D oya ilike ur template its so cute :*
GFC Name: Angela Michelle
4. Share my giveaway on your twitter/facebook. Oya i just shared ur giveaway in my twitter cause i dont have facebook sista :(( so bad ya :'( but pick me ya

Additional Entries
1. Make a blog post about this giveaway DONE u must visit my blog n read this post :D hehe
2. Put my giveaway banner on your sidebar SURE DONEDONE :D check here

Pick me for inkeper key necklace yaaaaa sista :D
Nice to know about you hehe