Rabu, 12 Desember 2012

Sponsored Review Fashion Flower Vintage

hi everyone, I'm back #LOL, and you know what guys ?  I'll post about Fashion XD ah yeah ... umm lately I'm interested in Fashion but I also will not forget Beauty, and I know fashion and beauty put together a very special #Whatisthis? yeaayy .. I got a new sponsor is Red cherry ! thank you very much I'm very happy to work with your shop , well this is my review

  Flower Collar Dress / Yongki komaladi / Q,Q

and you know, the dress is perfect for any event  , with a collar like that gives the impression of a deep vintage . plus flower motif can be applied with colored stockings 
dress that makes you look elegant and sensual make ourselves have a plus . dress is perfect for people who are feminine, I think Flower Collar Dress frees us to move. and I really liked it .
young people today really like the theme of Vintage clothing, as well as me. because it is very antique and unique . 
with the addition of the belt gives the impression in the antique and vintage . 

Where to Buy : 

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