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Sponsored Review Jealousness Waterproof Sunny Eyeliner Liquid

Hello everyone, how are you? how about this december? is fun, I think in the month of December is a lot of exciting events #I hope my wish can be granted in december # . Yesterday I completed the final examination semester at school, I hope I get the best value in the classroom and school. so I did not get to post, because it was so busy -.- and now, let's have fun with my post .
you know whay guys , I get waterproof eyeliner from Jealousness OMG !! Jealousness USA is an international cosmetic product. After the success in some countries, are now present in Indonesia Jealousness. Jealousness offers a range of makeup products that will make every woman in Indonesia to be like a princess in their dreams so amazing
owkay let's check my review 

Description : 
Sunny Jealousness Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner - Diamond Crystal - Brush taper is a black liquid eyeliner with a firm. Decorated by the glitter that shape and define the eye with a sharp line to make your eyes look more glamorous and sparkling with sparkling fairy flickering.
Formulated from waterproof materials that make your eyes shine every time. Get a charming elegance in a series of excellent products from Jealousness and make everyone jealous with your exotic appearance.

The first is the packing , I love it because it is very unique and funny, and I know rarely find cute cosmetic packs like this . pink color favored by the young and makeup lovers make own interest . 
Tapered brush makes us easy to apply in our eyes, efficient and hassle great fun

   and then on my Eyes Tadaaa!!~

Packing : 
I really liked packingnya, because it is very pretty pink and shaped hanger love interest to be brought anywhere

Quick dry :
I do not like to wait, and it Jealousness Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner takes quite a long time to dry, but I think it is suitable recycle used every day

Water Test :
you know what guys I had used 2 hours and I mixed in the water: D results, I'd say verry great because I've been wearing it for 2 hours , high absorption resistance caused lasting eyeliner

Comfort :
one eyeliner that is easy to apply, does not cause irritation and it is etrpenting so our eyes look healthy, I really liked both with the anti water I highly recommend for career women who love beautiful eyes

Like : 
Brush the tape
easy to apply 
Not irritating
Waterproof, Smudgeproof!!

Dislike : 

Where To Getyou can buy it at Jealousness Indonesia
affordable many interesting options to add to your makeup collection

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