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[SPONSORED] Colourvue-lens Big Eyes Awesome Black

Hello how are you? Tonight I will post an article about circle lens, yep I'll post on Big Eyes Awesome Black circle lens, OMG !! Big Eyes gives shining eyes and glowing effect , and make your eyes like a doll!! ~ I love it because it makes my eyes look beautiful and cute . and Lovely online shop give me cute Circle lens to review thx so much to Colourvue-lens I really like the circle lens. and the most I like is Colourvue-lens provides comfort plus plus for customers and you know what guys ? colourvue-lens stuff comes only takes 4 days to my house, this is one of convenience for customers . Owkay let's check my review below
Taadaaahhh!!~ Big Eyes give some various kinds and colors 
and give Powers -0.50 to -8.0 (y) 
Description : 
Replacement  : 3 Month
Powers   : -0.50 to -8.0 
Fitting        : 14mm - 15mm  

 I think the package is less convenient, but it's fine
not a big problem but I really hope if colourvue-lens provide more convenient package

 More caps . 
 Honestly I was very comfortable at all to wear circle lenses, make my eyes look big and natural, and the point that I liked was, my eyes look like a doll * Ups

 Bad face #RFOL

Full face shots 

My Point of View

Pros :
- Comfortable and not prop
- Simple packaging !!~
- give effect to the doll's eyes  
- FAST SHIPPING this one I likey  

Cons :
- can't think of any 

Review of lens :

Upon first putting them on,  very comfortable at all, honestly this is corcle lens I've ever tried, and the most comfortable, so far I did not find negative things to my eyes, and I feel comfortable with the circle lens.
then I would highly recommend these as an everyday lens. Pair them with some falsies for a more natural yet dramatic look! :)

Very simple thick black ring with solid color. 
giving the impression of eyes doll with solid black color.Other than that, the design is not the most natural or charming

It has a fair amount of enlarging effect; not too dramatic yet doesn't go unnoticed. Bi'm so jelly cause make my eyes Big look like a doll made ​​but still natural.
and it feels like good lens most likely will

One of my favorite lenses! they change your eye color so well . I quite like these lenses. They show up nicely in photos despite the less-than-bright/vibrant effect I was hoping for in person. I also don't experience any redness with prolonged wear as I do with my other lenses. All in all, I would recommend these lenses if you're more looking for attention on enlargement of the eyes over design. They give off a very dolly-eyed look, though I wish they were a bit darker and covered more of the eye. I would recommend these to anyone looking for a good amount of enlargement yet simplicity to the overall design that manages to give off a more natural dolly-eyed loo

 I got from colourvue-lens
Phone: +606 631 6797 Fax. +606 633 7906
Website : http://www.maxvuevision.comFacebook : colourVUE
Sales Contact :  info@colourvue-lens.com


Sabtu, 26 Januari 2013

Kawaii Stationery

Hellow good morning and happy Sunday and happy weekend, ummm!! ~ today's very sunny Sunday.
but unfortunately in my city it's raining, it's okay we still be having fun at this Sunday #LOL , Now I'm going to post about a KAWAII school supplies ayay!!~ 
what is this ??? 
chek this out  
red Mickey and Minnie mouse notebook with photo & camera


super cute design
perfect for school, kindergarten or the office
good as a diary, notebook etc.
kawaii ring binder notebook with comic Mickey and Minnie Mouse with photos and cameras
very good quality
picture on the front and back
Import from Japan 
each page is printed
pages are lined
with 80 sheets
width: 11cm (4.3")
height: 15cm (5.9")

available at http://www.modes4u.com/

Matryoshka Dolls Pencil Case

and the second, ummm!! ~ pencil OMG!! ~ I really need it and I need a funny .I also do not know if I have a funny school supplies and unique I am become crazy Girl  HAHA #LOL This 

describes the matryoshka doll OMG!! ~
cute pink pouch with colourful matryoshka dolls, flowers and butterflies
with zipper and
outer side compartment with magnet button lock
inner lining: pink with white dots
Import from Japan
width: 19.5cm (7.7"), height: 12.5cm (4.9")
very good quality
super cute design
perfect as a pencil case for school, make-up bag or bag for bits and pieces

available at http://www.modes4u.com/


Rabu, 23 Januari 2013

Wonderfull Giveaway ft ISZO circle lens

 Hello everyone !!~  Huwaaahh!!~ Happy to see you again Huft, I think lately I've been very busy with school, yap I'll doing National Exam OMG!! ~ # Die
I was nervous and I was scared, but I believe I can do it .
And today, I have a good news for you, I will be hosting another circle lens giveaway sponsored by the loveliest online lens store *Candy H.O.T backsound* yeaayy and this is ISZO circle Lens . Thx you for ISZO.  
I Hold this giveaway to celebrate my birthday, in February yeaay tomorrow!!~
Starts : 24/01/2013
Ends : 21/02/2013
 Use this banner for additional blog post entry 

Winners: I'll pick 2 random people and will get one pair of contact lens
And Giveaway is open INTERNATIONAL
Before you enter, please make sure that you're 18+ years old OR have a parent/guardian permission 
 Please fill the rafflecopter honestly.. DON'T cheat! ^^ 
I will contact the winner personally by e-mail and the winner should gives response to me in 2x24 hours or i'll pick other winner :)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Sabtu, 19 Januari 2013

The winner of Mini Xmas + New Year Giveaway ft The Jewels Parlour

Hello... selamat Malaam , aku pake bahasa indonesia aja yaa!!~ thx xixixi :D pertama , saya berterima kasih sekali atas partisipasi nya :D semuanya xixixi  , Sangat sangat berterima kasih deh pokoknya .
One more thing that , i 've read  read all of your comment . Here is what the most comment :
1. Mereka Bilang Blog Dan template aku lucu , thx ya semuaaanyaa :D sebenernya ga terlalu suka pink pink gitu tapi liat template satu ini cute banget .
2. Dan mereka bilang Widget Label nya  Emm... sorry ya , kalau kalian merasa Tidak nyaman maaf sekali , nnt aku ganti agar lebih Enak di baca .
3. mereka pengen aku bikin Tutorial video/ post yeayyy!!~ Terima kasih baaanyaaak sarannya , tapi berhubung aku mau UN jadi mungkin itu buat referensi aku ke depannya OK , terima kasih yaaa!!~ Nanti setelah aku ga sibuk lahi #LOL nnt aku post ttg tutorial make up dsb .  Terima kasih Atas semua nyaaaa...
Saya hargai pendapat kalian . Sangat sangat berguna buat saya untuk blog saya di masa mendatang nanti :D
teyimaaaciyeehh yaaa semuaanyaaa...!!~ dan aku udah pilih beberapa pemenang yang menurutku dengan komentar terbaik


yeeeeaayy.... Chukkae chukkae buat para pemenang nyaaa... 
alesan aku pilih mereka adalah 
1 . Coment Mba Kinanti
This blog is quite awesome! But there are some recommendations from me as your reader.
1. Please add menu bar at the top, so article will look more neatly-categorized.
2.Use "readmore" for each article, it will look easy-readable. In addition it will support the appearance of blog seem to be more exclusive.
3.Adjust the position of the sidebar and article on the home page.
4.Please add articles about fashion.
5.and give mooooooreeee giveaway for your loyal readers 
dia kasih aku banyak Saran , yang mungkin bisa untuk referensi blog ku di beosk Hariii!!~ Terima kasih banyak mbak kinanti , check your e-mail pleaseee!!~

dan kedua aku pilih Pipit
Yeaaayy terimaaciyeehh pipittt... atas koreksinya ,,, terima kasih juga atas beberapa saran yang udah kamu berikan buat aku ,,,, sangat sangat menghargainyaaa!!~ Terutama try to be yourself dear. You must believe if you can!
♥ if you are not sure about the language that you use on blog post, don"t hesitate to open your dictionary. so you know the correct grammar^^
awwww..... thx so much dear love you

Yang terakhir , buat kak Sabrina :
Awawawawawwww.w... pertama aku terima kasih buat kak Sab udah jadi oang pertama ya gabung di GA ku xixixi ... Muaaahhh muuaaahh .... dan beberapa komentar  yang dilontarkan #lah sama kak Sab ciee yang aku benarkan yaitu " The thing i think you should improve is the picture quality" awww... teyima kasih kak Sab udah jadi loyal followers yang selalu ngikutin post aku , dan aku minta maaf banget soal itu , dan soal itu aku jadikan referensi aku buat kedepannya Okeyy!!~ ... 
 Satu kali lagi deh yaaa!!~ chukkae buat para pemanang , semoga teteap menjadi Loyal Followers di blog aku :D
dan yang belom beruntung , Tetap semangat yaaa!!~ lain kali aku juga bakal ngadain beberapa giveaway ... 
makanya terus jadi loyal Followers di blog ku !!~ 
sekian terima kasih yaaaa