Rabu, 23 Januari 2013

Wonderfull Giveaway ft ISZO circle lens

 Hello everyone !!~  Huwaaahh!!~ Happy to see you again Huft, I think lately I've been very busy with school, yap I'll doing National Exam OMG!! ~ # Die
I was nervous and I was scared, but I believe I can do it .
And today, I have a good news for you, I will be hosting another circle lens giveaway sponsored by the loveliest online lens store *Candy H.O.T backsound* yeaayy and this is ISZO circle Lens . Thx you for ISZO.  
I Hold this giveaway to celebrate my birthday, in February yeaay tomorrow!!~
Starts : 24/01/2013
Ends : 21/02/2013
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Winners: I'll pick 2 random people and will get one pair of contact lens
And Giveaway is open INTERNATIONAL
Before you enter, please make sure that you're 18+ years old OR have a parent/guardian permission 
 Please fill the rafflecopter honestly.. DON'T cheat! ^^ 
I will contact the winner personally by e-mail and the winner should gives response to me in 2x24 hours or i'll pick other winner :)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Sari Marlia mengatakan...

Hai, thanks for this giveaway.. Join yaaa :)

email : hotblue_ri2@yahoo.co.id

mitchellina metta mengatakan...

thanks for the giveaway! :)
email : mitchellinametta@gmail.com

Ashari Puspita mengatakan...

email : ashari.puspita@live.com

thank you for holding giveaway ^^

Dewie Aprillia mengatakan...

email : dewieaprillia@rocketmail.com

thanks for the giveaway ^^

Sabrina Tedjokusuma mengatakan...

Try my luck again~ Ikutan lagi boleh ngga cantikk? :)
email: sabrinatjo@gmail.com
Gomawo~ :*

Liza mengatakan...

Email: cherriess.pink@gmail.com

amazing giveaway.. >.< thanks yaa..~

Thais Magalhães mengatakan...

email: yeahitsthaat@hotmail.com

Thaaaaaaaaanks so much!

Ika Lyta mengatakan...

hope you pass the exam! :)

thanks :)

Arga Litha mengatakan...

its me, artha.amalia@gmail.com
in twitter: @ArthaAmalia
FB: Tha Artha

Erna Wijaya mengatakan...

email : house.schoonheid@gmail.com

wish me luck! ^^

Amy Orvin mengatakan...

Wonderful giveaway!
Amy Orvin

Susan Lolo Bua mengatakan...

Aku join yaa.. :)


Rica Lanojan mengatakan...


María Regina mengatakan...


Nabilah mengatakan...

Thanks for the giveaway!

Email: kegumbiraan@gmail.com

piedev mengatakan...

email : lovely.bolu@gmail.com

Thank you :)

Catherine Ryn mengatakan...

thanks for this giveaway :)

email : cath.nana30@yahoo.com

anjarsari widyastuti mengatakan...

email : anjarsariwidyastuti@yahoo.co.id
fb : asty moet

thank's :)

IngerFaraHarpa mengatakan...

thanks for the giveaway!
email : inger_fara_harpa@yahoo.com

Felisia Irma Akemirastiwi mengatakan...

email : felisiairma@gmail.com

Sie Cajilig mengatakan...

New follwoer! Hihi :3

Yoko Nguyen mengatakan...

Great giveaway :)

Pauchee Casimiro mengatakan...

Love the giveaway! Thanks!
Pauchee Casimiro

Narissa Maquera mengatakan...

Thank you for opening this Internationally :)

email: eingelish@yahoo.com

Zane Saria mengatakan...

Zane Saria
email: zanesaria@gmail.com
Amazing giveaway!

*Tasha* mengatakan...

thanks for the giveaway! :)

swaggy maggy mengatakan...

thnx 4 d giveaway
name-nisha mendonca

Hana's Clay mengatakan...

aku ikutan ya ^^

Email: hana_clay@yahoo.com

vintage.barbie mengatakan...

@ sarah_chan89@hotmail.com
thank you! o^.^o good luck everyone!!

marsha dellaneira barin mengatakan...

marshadnb@gmail.com ^^

Latifah Yulia mengatakan...

Latifah Yulia Hongo
email: lalalovesleep@gmail.com

Aysen Achurra Asuero mengatakan...

Hope to win this blog giveaway! I'm really love wearing lenses.
here's my email: aysen.sation@gmail.com. God bless :)

Anne Consolacion mengatakan...

Thank you. :)
anne.j2 (at) gmail.com

Alena Belausava mengatakan...

pinkmalice (at) mail dot ru

Alena Belausava on FB

Fingers crossed!

trillina palemi mengatakan...

tkans for this giveaway :)
fb trillina palemi
gfc trillina palemi
mail stella77_@hotmail.com

Maria Kitten mengatakan...

thnx 4 d giveaway
Maria Cat

Stephenie mengatakan...

Thank you so much for organizing this giveaway!!


Sheela Richen Daminar mengatakan...

Thanks for the giveaway!

Sheela Richen Daminar

Cindy Dinda mengatakan...

Email: sibabybluey@gmail.com

thank you! *kisses*

Yozellyn J mengatakan...

thank you^^

Damla mengatakan...

Thank you.


annabell_lee_dk (at) yahoo (dot) com

Solarride Rivernik mengatakan...

Facebook : Solarride Rivernik
email : solarride.rivernik[at]gmail[dot]com

Gothicrise mengatakan...

enter me please

Megha Saraf mengatakan...


NataliaNeedsSomeone mengatakan...

THANKS FOR THE CHANCE! Means a lot. :)

Ruybal.Natalia@gmail.com is my email.

-Natalia R.

Deepa mengatakan...

Thanks for a lovely giveaway!
love your blog!

glory chen mengatakan...

hope i'll be the winner... thanks for cool giveaway! ^^
Email: gloryychen@yahoo.com

Join giveaway aq juga yaa ^^

lanie pregoner mengatakan...

Hi! Lovely giveaway :) Hope I win :)

Maria Fe Lanie Pregoner
Twitter: @laniepregs
Facebook: Lanie Villabona Pregoner

Wita Rosmalia mengatakan...

thanks for giveaway;) witaunyuu@gmail.com or authorwita@yahoo.co.id

Roro Hartinah Isyani mengatakan...

oh god i forgetd to leave a blogcoment ><
sorry sist...
btw thx for giveaway n nice to know you ya hehhee

aree1997 mengatakan...

Entered :D
Facebook : Aria Stardoll

Shandie Valdez mengatakan...

(y) (y) (y)

Inge Lakawa mengatakan...


visit my blog ^^

Sue Sue Quan mengatakan...

Thank Youuu~~~

Krystal Jade Coronel mengatakan...


Krystal Jade Coronel Fb page

Susan Lolo Bua mengatakan...

aku lupa email ku.

email : Susan_superwoman@yahoo.com

rhose_luv mengatakan...

Lovely Giveaway


Vinsensa Radita mengatakan...

thank you ya
email: tarra.haruna@gmail.com
FB: Vinsensa Radita
twitter: @tarra_haruna

Ruby Redrum mengatakan...

(I don't remember if I already commented on this if i did i'm sorry)
Thank you for posting this giveaway~~
email: rini.a.uchiha@gmail.com

Rainne Villena mengatakan...

Awesome giveaway! ^^
email: rainnevillena@gmail.com

little sleep mengatakan...

hope i win! & if it is possible to have a graded lens.. i need it for my astigmatism. if that is possible, i would like to let you know that the graded lens for my right eye is on 50 while 25 at my left. thanks much!

hope i win! ;)

Unknown mengatakan...

Name:Paola Samo
Email: samolandia@gmail.com
Thank you!!

Serena mengatakan...

Lovely giveaway! <3
Email: serenavardhan@gmail.com
Facebook: Serena Vardhan

Elainne Catalan mengatakan...


Email: elainne_catalan@yahoo.com

Catherine Widjaja mengatakan...

suka sama templatenya ! xD jadi pengen :p

email : cath.nana30@yahoo.com


Diamond Banner mengatakan...

Thanks forthe givaway. :) Your such a sweet person! :D

Name: Diamond Banner

Email: ilovecodywayne@gmail.com

Juliana Maciel mengatakan...

email juhfm@hotmail.com o/

Cica mengatakan...

thank you!

Mateja Novak mengatakan...

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Monica Calangian mengatakan...

Thanks for this lovely giveaway!

GFC: Nica
monica dot calangian at gmail dot com

Anonim mengatakan...

Can I put a link about the Solution-lens.com permanent giveaway ? Then I can get a free pair maybe !!! Thank you for your reply.