Sabtu, 23 Februari 2013

giveaway winner! Wonderfull Giveaway ft ISZO circle lens

Sorry for the delay~ ^-^ and thanks for the wait. Today I'll announce the winner of circle lens giveaway sponsored by ISZO circle Lens . Thx you for ISZO. 

Popc Light Blue (Candy Magic King)

i.Fairy Lumos Orange

Total entries: 106 (fairly chosen via
and the lucky winners:
1 pair Popc Light Blue (Candy Magic King) :
i pair i.Fairy Lumos Orange  :
Congratulations ~
Please check your mail box and confirm by replying my mail ^-^ if the winner fail to confirm my mail within 2x24  hours, new winners will be picked from the list :3 
thank you everyone, I am very grateful for your participation
if you are not lucky at this time , hopefully in the next giveaway you could be lucky.
so yeah, see ya ~and thanks for joining the giveaway!

Kamis, 21 Februari 2013

Random :D

Hello yoo-hoo Ciao!!!~ Tutti Comment vas-tu? , How re you ? I hope you are doing well . 
you know what? guys !!~ today is my birthday aaaaaaaaaa OMG OMG OMG my age was reduced by one year. and soon I was to finish my school into high school
C'mon let's sing with me 생일 축하 합니다 생일 축하 합니다 ( saengil chukha hamnida saengil chukha hamnida )
사랑하는 …… ( Adel ) 생일 축하 합니다 ( saranghaneun …… ( Adel ) saengil chukha hamnida ) .... yeeeyyy !!~ 
today I'm very happy ... friend of a friend in my class say birthday to me, thank you my friends i love you , I will always remember when we joked, laughed, and grieve. and to my English teacher, Ms. Udi'
I also thank you to ms. Udi has said "happy birthday" to me, your sincerity will never be missing in my life .
today is my happy day, I wish I could make people around me happy to stand beside me . 

11 Bday wish : 
FIRST Getting nem national exams above 36.00. Amiinnn !!~  
  1. be student at SMAN 7 Purworejo
  2. I wish I could just forget all my problems and have fun with my life and
    I could turn back time to when everything was happy and perfect.
  3. Less stress.  
  4. Less problems.
  5. More Happiness. 
  6. More Laughing. 
  7. Never give up
  8. Be happy. 
  9. More health
  10. More safety 
 more quote about birthday :
God gave us the gift of life; it is up to us to give ourselves the gift of living well. - Voltaire

We have to be able to grow up. Our wrinkles are our medals of the passage of life. They are what we have been through and who we want to be.- Lauren Hutton 

and today on 21 february 2013, the giveaway that I would have put an end at 22.00 WIB .I am grateful to everyone who participated in my birthday giveaway this time . thank you everyone, I love you u,u
and I will announce the winner of my birthday giveaway on Saturday .
hoaaammpphh!! ~ I was getting tired and sleepy hopefully tomorrow will be more fun 
BBaaaayy !!~




Sabtu, 09 Februari 2013

Favorite Home Decor

This mini heart garland is sure to make any room happy and bright. Four minty green/blue crochet hearts hang on pastel glittery pink yarn. The garland measures approximately 25 inches. Each heart is about 2 inches big. Both ends have a loop so that you can hang it from decorative nails, or you can use use cute washi tape to stick it on the wall, like I have in the picture. I have my own hanging in the kitchen where I get to see it everyday.

Perfect for your bedroom, craft room, any room!

available at cupcakefields 

Want a pony but short on space? Then this piece is perfect for you! Give this little guy a home and he'll be your new BFF. He requires very little care and best of all you don't have to clean up after him.

This fun mixed media assemblage features a blue pony with green polka dots. He's dressed in a gold hat and a green and gold star saddle.

I mounted the polystone resin pony to the top of a collaged wood block. I embellished each side of the block a glittery gold star. I then sealed the block with a clear coat protective finish.

This piece is approximately 3.25 inches tall and the base is 1.5 inches square. The bottom of the piece is titled, signed, and dated.

available at dadadreams 

 90's Cat in Cat Eye Glasses Art Wall Decor
W a l l d e c o r.
A perfect gift for any cat lover.
Cardboard back & READY TO HANG.
Black acrylic frame.
The photo with the calendar included is to give you an idea of the size of this beauty.

available at GypsyRow 


Here is a darling and sweet pillow/cushion cover perfect for a little girls room or for baby girl's nursery.

This pillow cover features a lovely Japanese import cotton print on both the front and the back. It is just adorable! The front is lined in white cotton muslin. All fabrics are 100% cotton and machine washable.

The back of the pillow cover features an envelope style open for easy removal for washing or changing out. All seams are professionally finished with a serger or covered seams.

This is an easy care pillow cover. You can machine wash using a mild, eco-friendly cleaner and line dry or tumble dry low.

This listing is for the custom made pillow cover only. The pillow form is not included.

If you would like to have pillow covers made in a different size, please convo me for a quote.

available at ShereesAtelier 

Although the design is super cute, the pieces fit together perfectly and the engineering is brilliant, the best part just might be what can't be seen in photos, but needs to be touched... the amazing glass-like silk finish! All our wood products go through a multi-step process of sanding and clear coat sealing. We use only the greenest formulated, ultra-low formaldehyde, eco-friendly finishing system of products to enhance and protect the natural beauty of the wood. The gorgeous satin clear top coat provides a very durable, hand-rubbed, smooth-to-the-touch finish that protects your piece from moisture and ultraviolet exposure as well. Our products are all designed and handmade by our family and we want your family to consider these as heirloom pieces that can be passed down for many generations.

 available at graphicspaceswood 
 and more from graphicspaceswood 

And do not forget to join my Giveaway 


Minggu, 03 Februari 2013

Kawaii cutest School supplies

you can find a cute school supplies at MelsEclecticsupplies 
 MelsEclecticsupplies selling some cute items that: 
STICKERS, Vintage, fun
MEMO and Sticky notes
Paper BAGS
Jewelry supplies 

 Cute little ninja or , mask bunny sticky notes!
Perfect for :
Leaving a little surprise note to your children (agenda, lunch, ...)
Underlining events on your calendar

Material: paper
Package contains: 100 sheets per package. 20 sheets of every model as shown on picture.
This listing is for 1 package.

Stickers set , including 8 pages of stickers and a little plastic album!
4 sheets of pvc sitckers and 4 of paper stickers!
The album contains 8 pages (transparent).

Many different uses, for journaling, diary, calendar!

iIcludes speech ballon stickers
Weather stickers
Corner index stickers....

Vintage Travel Sticker in iron case.
30 small pages, some pages have 1 stickers, some 2 stikers, some 3.
Total of 45 stickers.

Airlines vol. 2
Bonbon factory.

Dimensions of stickers:
7 cm x 5cm approximately for the larger ones
5 x 3 cm approximately for those 2 per pages
5 x 2.3 cm approximately for those that are 3 per pages

Most pages have 1 or 2 stickers.

iron case: 8 x 10.5 cm

So Cute little sticky memo for many different uses!
Perfect for :
Leaving a little surprise note to your children (agenda, lunch, ...)
Underlining events on your calendar

Available in 4 different sets : please select your patern in the scroll down list. PLEASE NOTE PINK BUNNY AND FLOWER IS SOLD OUT AT THE MOMENT, order comming soon!

Material: paper
This listing is for 1 package.

you can find a cute school supplies at MelsEclecticsupplies

Jumat, 01 Februari 2013

Diary Product Of Junkie Giveaway

helo dear :D This is the first day in the month of February, OMG!! ~ and soon my birthday ay yay
in the next post I will post about the giveaway. Giveaway From Diary Product Of Junkie OMG 
Mba Phanie Said
February is already here and so is my birthday giveaway! Since this is my birthday month, I would like to hold a small giveaway to you
eyeey !!~ happy birthday , Sengil chukkae hamnida , O tanjō-bi omedetōgozaimasu
hahaha .. semoga panjang umur !!~ hahha
and lets check the Prizes guys :

my goodness, this is a gift that very interesting, I really want all of that, but I can only choose one
and i choose Set A : 
I do not know why I was interested in the prize "A" which obviously was very interesting

The giveaway rules 

  • Be a follower of this blog via GFC
  • Follow my twitter at @phanie14
  • Publish a post about this giveaway on your blog. 
  • If you only have twitter, tweet this giveaway, mentioning or tagging me (@phanie14) and tagging 3of your friends in the same tweet. 
  • Place the giveaway banner on your sidebar
  • Answer some questions on the form below
you can fill out the form here Come join and win exciting prizes
Wish me luck !! because in it I also my birthday, I wish it could be a gift for my birthday