Jumat, 01 Februari 2013

Diary Product Of Junkie Giveaway

helo dear :D This is the first day in the month of February, OMG!! ~ and soon my birthday ay yay
in the next post I will post about the giveaway. Giveaway From Diary Product Of Junkie OMG 
Mba Phanie Said
February is already here and so is my birthday giveaway! Since this is my birthday month, I would like to hold a small giveaway to you
eyeey !!~ happy birthday , Sengil chukkae hamnida , O tanjō-bi omedetōgozaimasu
hahaha .. semoga panjang umur !!~ hahha
and lets check the Prizes guys :

my goodness, this is a gift that very interesting, I really want all of that, but I can only choose one
and i choose Set A : 
I do not know why I was interested in the prize "A" which obviously was very interesting

The giveaway rules 

  • Be a follower of this blog via GFC
  • Follow my twitter at @phanie14
  • Publish a post about this giveaway on your blog. 
  • If you only have twitter, tweet this giveaway, mentioning or tagging me (@phanie14) and tagging 3of your friends in the same tweet. 
  • Place the giveaway banner on your sidebar
  • Answer some questions on the form below
you can fill out the form here Come join and win exciting prizes
Wish me luck !! because in it I also my birthday, I wish it could be a gift for my birthday

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Stephanie Nangoi mengatakan...

awh, thanks for joining, dear. Good luck ya~ Kita sama2 February babies ya.. ^_^

Inge Lakawa mengatakan...

oh aku udah follow kamu xD new blog template ya? cantik ^^

visit my blog ^^