Sabtu, 16 Maret 2013

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Hello everyone, I have not been writing ,  I seem miss you guys, I'm very busy lately with school
and now I remember, just a month or so I will deal with National Exam :smirk: Sad, happy, fear mingled into one, only one hope, YAAAA! so I can get my favorite high school. Amiiinnn!!~
huwaaaa .... Now I will post one online store that sells cosmetics.and it is TAADAAAAA naee!!~  wishtrend Omgfff!!~~ . certainly many people who know about Nae!!~ is a huge favorite of many people to shop online. "WISHTREND IS HERE FOR MORE BEAUTY" WISHTREND EXISTS FOR ONE SIMPLE MISSION : HELP YOU TO BE MORE BEAUTIFUL.
WISHTREND are believing that as long as you 'WISH' to be beautiful, you will be beautiful.WISHTREND  explore all over the world to find the best cosmetics and introduce them to the beauty inspiring explorers.
and you know what guys ?  WISHTREND provide shipping to all countries, It is Wonderfull .
and I know that Basically, products from Wishtrend are on sale only by the on-line shop (whishtrend,com).  However, for some brands and products, it’s possible to buy them both on on-line and off-line. WOW Something wishtrend best service will always do for customers.
and the most fantastic thing is wishtrend not just selling cosmetics to women, but wishtrend also sells cosmetics for men. #Applouse . 
And what you need to know is wishtrend also sell WISH BOX, what it WISH BOX, WISH BOX is a cosmetic box wishtrend offer, which includes some cosmetic / some cosmetic brand. If you prefer a more practical, you should try it.
and recently has wishtrend Beauty Channel on YouTube WISHtrendTV 3000 subscribers Over!
Please Congratulations! :D , Come and Get your beauty! at

Every Friday, you can see the new video of WISHtrend TV ,  ayee ayee Welcome Tay to Wishtrend! Happy to see a new fresh face

Nae!!~ indeed lately wishtrend hold some favorite programs, for fans.
and it was BEAUTY STEAL, BEAUTY STEAL is a program of wishtrend that offer products with fantastic discounts. OMGG!!~but wishtrend also provide a time limit for it, therefore, let us assault . 

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