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GEO (Stars Collection) - Edge Violet

This is the second post for today, because many packets should I review, so today I review two items, I hope you enjoy these, everyone! on Tuesday or Wednesday I received a package from Pinkicon and it is one pair circle lens, yeay! ~ I'm very happy. thk's so much Pinkicon  !!~ . 

Pinkicon is Hong Kong's Largest Online Korean Color Contact Lens Store
- Provide over 300 different designs of color lens
- Since the mother company of Pinkicon Solo is the agent of the NEO and GEO contact lenses, enable us to have sufficient stock so as to guarantee a superior customer experience with the latest, fastest and widest selection of contact lenses

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Our goal is to always make you blissfully happy by not only purchasing our products, but we also offering a "Beauty's Channel" in order to provide the latest news of dressing up by merely staying at home
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Online Exclusive Special Distribution for Major Brands
We supply all major brands Including the followings:
- Royal Vision
- Hanako
- Magic Magic
- GEO Edge Con 
and now its time I review about GEO contact lens (Stars Collection) - Edge Violet !!~
I hope you all enjoy it
  Description of Softlens Contact lens :
  • D.I.A: 14.20mm
  • Colored D.I.A: 17.00mm
  • Water Content: 42.00%
  • B.C: 8.60mm
  • Central Thickness: 0.04mm
  • Material: HEMA
  • Package: 2 Bottles
  • Duration: Half Year
  • Origin: Korea
  • Color: Violet

From http://www.en.pinkicon.com/website

 This pair of circle lens has a very nice color to it. It stands out but it's not too vibrant that it'll look fake.
if you have brown eyes, maybe this pair of lenses may work out for you. This is great for school as colour is not too flashy yet there's a hint of purple if noted carefully.

Without flash
with flash
after With circle lens 

The pattern, which was the thing I was kinda iffy about at first, turned out to be subtle and not too in your face. In fact, it blended in quite nicely. It makes the eyes look sparkly and dreamy!
not as bright as seen at first sight, once worn it will show a darker colour.

just average, but just nice for me. they might be 14.20mm but they dont seem to enlarge much as their own kind. I love the circle lens  that is not too big, because it was so jammed me
They enlarge quite a bit for such a pale lens.

So far, I’ve been really pleased with my new GEO pairs. As you guys may have known, I wasn’t too fond of GEO lenses because they used to make my eyes feel really dry almost instantly. That's why you don't wear them for more than 8 or so hours, at the most, though.

When I'm just looking for a color change, these are my go-to lenses. No one ever notices a difference when I wear these, but I wear them more for fun and . I highly recommend it to people who do not like contact lens that is too flashy!! ~
I looooooove this design! From further away, it looks, uh, natural? *How can purple be natural...* I don't know #LOL   

 Want to buy ?? Where To buy ?? 
Just USD$24.98


General enquiry pinkicon@hotmail.com.hk
Business Opportunities sales@pinkicon.com
Customer Hotline: (852) 2410 8000
MSN: pinkicon@hotmail.com.hk
QQ: 2283431192
Aliwangwang: pinkicon
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