Senin, 01 April 2013

[REVIEW] Ramalisa Thin Black Eyeliner

Hello everyone, this is my first post for Sunday morning I'm so tired lately so I have to learn as much as possible so when I get the National Examination results, Amiin namely Ramalisa Thin Black Eyeliner, a few days ago kkcenterhk Give me the product, let's check this review : 

Description of products:
100% Authentic
Capacity: 2.3ml
Made In Taiwan
Ultimate 0.1mm Tip, The Eyeliner Simple To Get Started
36hr Super Waterproof And Sweat,Quick-Drying Long And Long Lasting
Eyeliner Color Is Deep Black
Pen Tip Is Soft And Flexible, Good Painting Does Not Hurt Eyelids
Ingredients: Agueous,Propylene Giycol,Acryates Copolymer,Beheneth-30,Carbon Black,
Laureth-21 AMP,Sodium Lauryl Sulfate,Methyl Paraben,DMDM Hydantoin Imida To Iidinyl.

Ramalisa Thin Black Eyeliner eyeliner is waterproof, making it very practical for you all, I recommend if you like the eyeliner, because I think Ramalisa Thin Black Eyeliner is easy to apply to your eyes, and can last a long time Pen Tip Is Soft And Flexible, Good Painting Does Not Hurt Eyelids.
Like :
-easy to apply
-This package is very cute and practical take anywhere where 
-Waterproof and durable
-easy dry

Dislike :

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Were To buy 
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Whoo~ Looks pretty promising! c:
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I think I should try this. Thanks for the review. :)

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waterproof ya?? wihii.. harganya berapa dek??
semangat buat UANnya! btw, kamu gemesin bangeeet... :*