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[SPONSORED] I.Fairy - Lucius Brown

Hello,Ciao,Bonjour everyone, I'm happy lately so, Why? because I have completed my duty as a student, sorry is not completed, but rather implement.I always pray to God to grant Perfect Score, and the country's best high school in Purworejo. and it's time to say, I'm Sexy, Free and Single Hahaha #LOL. 
oh, yeah lately I also get a lot of packages, yaaaayy!! ~ I'm very happy. and now I'm going to review Softlens of ISZO . ISZO very kindly provide me softlens I.Fairy-Lucius Brown . Owkay!!~ let's check it out!!~

 Adorable packaging, check!
I think the model is very pretty when she wear it.

why I chose I.Fairy-Lucius Brown, because of his color very Dramatic and riveting. Brown color that is not too thick, and I LOVE these!! These lenses give off a natural yet enlarging effect. I wear these everywhere when I want a toned down yet big eyed look. 

i.Fairy Lucius Brown
Diameter : 16.2mm
Base Curve : 8.6mm
Center Thickness : 0.04mm
Water Content : 55%
Lens' Lifetime : 1 Year Disposable
Power Range : -0.00 ~ -8.50 Degree

You can see the enlargement effect right here!
After wearing them more, they're among my top favorite lenses. 

This brown color blends so well for my olive green eyes. Looks so dolly! Dark brown circle gives nice roundish dolly effect but it doesn't look natural so that's why I can't give 10/10.

These are 16.2mm. As I just said these lenses makes justice for your eyes if you want to make those look bigger, dolly and cute! Great enlargement, not too much, enough to make your eyes look stunning. because I'm not too fond of the diameter is too large
I gave

10/10 I have use these lenses a year and I love those also because of comfortable. These are REALLY comfortable! I can use these a whole day and even if the room is warm and humid these don't start to dry.

Overall :
I.Fairy lenses are always comfortable to me, . If you don't suffer from sensitive eyes , then I would highly recommend these as an everyday lens. Pair them with some falsies for a more natural yet dramatic look! :) I loved these lenses! The colour is amazing even if the design isn't awe inspiring. And the comfort will definitely have me reaching for these when i have a long day out. :)

 Where To buy :
Like them on facebook ISZO Circle Lens - (iszofashion)
email : iszofashion@gmail.com

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 seller friendly, made ​​us comfortable to buy

'O nae , I will tell you that ISZO website is down for maintenance, you can visit their facebook fan page'

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