Jumat, 17 Mei 2013


How to join ?
1 - Post a link to this page on any blog, forum, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter or any website to tell people about our circle lens giveaway (you can publish this link on your own website or blog). You can post this link only 1 time on each website:
( if you cannot copy the complete link please use this short URL: http://goo.gl/uhZpY )

2 - Click "LIKE" on Facebook:

3 - Add a comment on this page (type your Email address in Email field, it's hidden from public) and copy the link to the page (website, blog, Youtube, etc...) where you have talked about our color lens giveaway. Each link that you will copy in comment (and where you have written information about our giveaway) is a chance to get 1 free pair of lenses, so if you want to have more than 1 chance just talk about us on many websites (1 chance to win for each website).

How to win ?
A winner will be randomly selected the 1st of each month. Information about our circle lens giveaway must be found when visiting your link at the time when we choose a winner on the first of the month. If no information can be found when visiting the link that you have posted you won't be able to get a free pair of circle lens.
We will publish information about the winner each month on this page.

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circle lenses mengatakan...

Thanks for telling the details for winning the giveaway. I just love to wear coloured contacts.