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Hair Clip CHIKOMORI Bangs Extension

Hello everyone, how are you? how is your weekend guys!!~ do you know about the bangs extension?? , Today I will review the extension bangs . I got Chikomori Bangs Extension From Bearfully Collection    
Bearfully Collection Wholesale & Retail is for fashion, hair products, beauty care, contact lenses , etc. the quality of both product quality and price are friendly!
Let'c check my review and enjoy it !!~

With Free Exclusive Original Box

How To use  

Available several colors: natural black, dark brown, brown, mahogany, honey blonde.
and Available several type : straight bangs , side bangs, & all in one bangs 

I was surprised by how they looked. Yes, they are synthetic and natural look but don't look bad. They were a bit on the shiny side.I was shocked as to how well they blended with my own hair and hair color.They look very natural and very comfortable use. Bangs are not coarse, and very soft. it is very convenient to use.
It didn't really bother my much though, because I rarely wear my hair loose.  the clips are rather easy to hide with your hair

Celebrities With Bangs Extension :

Like :

Easy to use 
Maximum versatility
Natural Look
The hair is very smooth
the clips are rather easy to hide with your hair
very comfortable.  

Dislike :
the smells little bad and a little disturbing.
Longger for me =.=

Overall :
I was lucky enough to take a chance and the hair color matched mine perfectly. Very easy to use and style. Very realistic looking to
It has actually inspired me to get the same matching highlights through out the rest of my hair. This time the hair was very thin.Looks and feel natural. Loved it , Would recommend to anyone looking for a quick style with bang. 
Easy clip on bangs! You can see it from
The top so you have to wear a headband or bandana over it but it looks great! Got a lot of compliments  

Price : 130.000 / $13

Where To Buy : 
Bearfully on Blog : www.bearfully.blogspot.com
Bearfully on Wordpress : www.bearfully.wordpress.com
SMS/WHATSAPP/LINE ke 089615151458
PIN BB 282657A9


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