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[ELISHACOY] Always Nuddy CC Cream

Heyaa... !!~ hellow sweetheart how are you ? I am sorry to have kept you waiting for new blog post. now i'll post product from Elishacoy 
Elishacoy  is a European styled clean and refined esthetic brand that seeks for wellbeing life and spiritual abundance, and modern sense, and intends to make an individual grow his/hers own life style healthily and elegantly. Elishacoy is a highly dignified organic skin care that maximizes the skin self-survival ability since it was mainly made of herb extracts called ‘the essence of botanical healing’, and fully contains natural aroma extracted from 100% of natural essential oil. Do you still use BB Cream? Now ELISHACOY comes with a new product that is CC Cream, omg!! ~ CC cream has multiple solutions The more you apply, the better your skin looks! No more heavy and thick make-up, ten-in-one formula. i Got  [ELISHACOY] Always Nuddy CC Cream from Popular Online Shop ... it is WISHTREND thank you
Let's check my review 


Brand : Elishacoy
Volume : 50ml
All Skin Types
Made in Korea


the texture is like a BB Cream But White colored , faster absorbing very easy to apply on the skin, not sticky and does not smell pungent make shiny effect  . The CC Cream provides more coverage, protection, Wrinkle reductio , Skin Whitening , hydration skin nourishing ingredients including Black Been Extraact , Phyllostachis Bambusoides Juice , Olive leaf Extract etc I do not know what it is and had never seen it *LOL
Magic color capsules crack according to individual's skin tone naturally 

No more Heavy and Thick Make Up ten in one Formula 
1. Color encapsulated spheres brings about natural skin tone color
As hte color capsules inside of white hydrated base burst natural blemish effevt can be expected.
2.Hydrated skin with 20 skin moisture ingredients , even skin tone by great persistency and adherence 

3.Elastically Glowing skin
as layered over , glowing and hydrated skin tone can be accomplished
Tadaahhh after wearing  [ELISHACOY] Always Nuddy CC Cream i think now I do not need thick makeup, because there is CC Cream with multi Solution 

Like :
1. Sun protection SPF30 / PA++2. Color encapsulated spheres brings
   about natural skin tone color 

3. Hydrated skin with even tone
4. Elastically glowing skin

5. Moisturing and Hydrtating 
contain more than 20 kinds of moisturing content 
6. Make up as light as air
7. Waterproof 
8. Colour control
9. Cover mild imperfections
10. Watering Glow

OMG!!~ one product but has many advantages, I think you should try this one product, not too expensive just USD29.99

Dislike :
Color Cream instantly neutralizes acne and imperfections with a natural-looking creating a beautiful skin finish.Mini shape easy to carry anywhere , Anti-Wrinkle Pore care ad make my skin whitening .I highly recommend this product for you all 
Where To Buy :
just USD29.99

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