Sabtu, 19 Oktober 2013

Etude House Disney Collection: Minnie Mouse!

Are you excited Etude House fans?! Yes this is a dream come true for Disney fans! Etude House has collaborated with Disney for their new collection called XOXO Minnie!

The XOXO Minnie collection is full of cuteness and creativity!! It includes tons of awesome kinds of makeup!!
The packaging is very very adorable isn’t it? Most girls will actually just buy it for the packaging itself because it’s so pretty! The good thing is, it’s from Etude House so it’s so sure that these are high quality makeup!
Check out th products from the XOXO Minnie Collection below!!
1. Minnie in the Nails Nail Polish
Etude house xoxo Minnie Collection (2)

2.  Minnie in the Nail Glitter

3. Minnie Kissing Lips

4.  Minnie Touch Blusher


5. Minnie Wink Lash

6. Minnie Look at My Eyes Jewel

7.  Minnie Look at My Eyes Cafe

Aren’t they lovely?! They will release more items for the collection soon! Better hurry get some of them because these are only for a LIMITED TIME. They won’t be producing that much so it’s good to collect them. For now, only Etude House Korea sells the Minnie collection, so if you’re from another country, the only way to get it is through Korean-based online shops!
What is your favorite from this collection???

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Junjun mengatakan...

I swear Etude House is coming out with all these amazing collaborations and cute products to empty my wallet! T^T I really like this collection~ Thank you so much for sharing it! >u<