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hello everyone !!~ how are you ... I have not been any review , it's because my school , i'm very Tired
homework is always piling made ​​me a lazy blogger . 

okay , now i'll post Beauty box from MEMEBOX , have you hear before ? They are one of the top beauty boxes in Korea , many of you , beauty fans in US , are probably curious about korean beauty products know for its uniqueness and innovation , so the box will include the best way to explore various selections of korean beauty products .  
First i'll introduce about MEMEBOX USA for you guys !!

1. What is memebox? memebox is a no.1 beauty box subscription service in Asia!!! 
thay just launched memebox in USA, and they are here to introduce interesting and trendy Korean beauty products to beauty fans in USA. 
At memebox website, you can purchase various Korean cosmetics including "memebox exclusive" Korean beauty products and memebox beauty box. 
To offer the best way to explore Korean beauty products, we only carry 100% authentic Korean beauty products, offer up to 80% off everyday and international free shipping with purchase over $70. 

2. How many items or what is the guaranteed value of the box? 
The value of the box varies for each box, however the last box had $100 worth Korean beauty products in one box :)
we normally have least 5 to 6 deluxe travel size or full-size products in each box. 

this is not just another monthly subscription service, although it brings some of the best things about those services to the table.

So , let's see my review ! check it out 

 Memebox is shipped directly from Korea and they work with over 400 different brands and companies! and Memebox includes 5-6 (this box had 7!) Korean beauty products that are deluxe samples or full size. The boxes are not currently customizable, but they try to compose boxes with a large variety! and it's just
it's just 21.00USD

what is included in the MEMEBOX
 1. "SN-T" Plant Stem Cell Skincare Sample Kit: Cleansing Foam, Toner and Cream
2. "Too Cool For School" Aqua Gel Mist (Full Size) Retails at: $12
3. "Mamonde" First Energy Serum (Deluxe Sample) Full Size: $27
4. "Recipe By Nature" Spray Essence Water (Full Size) Retails at: $35  
5. "Nots" 28 Remedy Acne Pore Deep Cleanser (Deluxe Sample) Full Size: $31 
6. "Glory" Vegan Nail Lacquer T-Series (Full Size) Retails at: $20
7. "SEP" Face Lifting Mask (Full Size) Retails at: $14

1. SN-T" Plant Stem Cell Skincare Sample Kit: Cleansing Foam, Toner and Cream
it is SN-T's three-step of sample kit which is well-known orean beauty brand among the beauty guru . Sample kit comes with cleansing form , toner , and cream with ingridients of plan stem cell . ot only does it flood dry skin with hydration , it designed to soothe oily and blemish skin . 
SN-T's Goddess Cream
Not only does it flood dry skin with hydration; 
it is designed to soothe troubled skin, SN-T’s non-greasy moisturizer composed with madecassic won’t lead to skin problems instead it will clear your breakouts. 
It will give you shine-free, clear skin worthy of an Instagram photo shoot.
You will know it right away!  Why we call this cream the “Goddess”
meme MD who suffered from pimple, adult acne, red cheeks, and unclear (dark) skin tone highly recommends the cream! (after use of the GODDESS cream)

meme’s tip! : At night, before you go to bed, mix face oil with Goddess cream and apply evenly to clean skin. 
click for full product 

SN-T Toner

A multi-active toner that whisks away pore-clogging oil and gently flakes to reveal a clearer complexion

Pore tightening
Control excess oil 

Japanses Yew stem cell
Bamboo Sap
Fomes fomentarius extract
Pinus Palustris Leaf Extract 
click For full product  

2. "Too Cool For School" Aqua Gel Mist (Full Size) Retails at: $12

it is a gel-texture mist with high concentrationof Trehalos . the main ingridient , Trehalos , instantly replenises the skin with soothing hydration and provudes healthy - look . Gel textures spray in Liquid .
 it can be used under or over makeup, whenever skin feels thirsty.

3. "Mamonde" First Energy Serum (Deluxe Sample) Full Size: $27
it is a light-texture serum featuring powerful natural ingridients ' Gold-and Silver flower vinegar' The flower vinegar is fermented for over 60 days in a clay pot and it evens out the skin texture and clatify for more beautiful and preapares skin for make-up . 

Mamonde First Energy Serum product uses 78% of this solution as a skin care product. This product helps control the pH of your skin and brighten up from within your skin and makes your skin smooth and shinny. (LOVE IT!)
(They did a survey after use of this product and they all got top 9 out of 10)
You better use this within a year because Mamonde First Energy Serum has a due date. (Since it is mostly natural it doesn't last long as other cosmetic product.)
4.  "Recipe By Nature" Spray Essence Water (Full Size) Retails at: $35 
A two-phase type liquid essence in spray enriched in natural essential oil, celtic water well known for containing high mineral and whistler glacial mineral water to instantly hydrates the skin and nourishes the skin
Instantly hydrates the skin

Instantly nourishes the skin
Portable spray type 

Natural essential oil
Celtic water
Whistler glacial mineral water

Shake before use to mix the pile and water

Spray 20cm away from your face with your eye closed

  5. "Nots" 28 Remedy Acne Pore Deep Cleanser (Deluxe Sample) Full Size: $31

 This is my favorite product, because I have a problem in the pores close to my nose, I hate it . it is a KFDA Approved acne pore deep ccleanser as quasi drugs. it is suitable for use on the acne pore skin to help fight against bacteria and control build-up of excess sebum . it tight pores even looking flawless within the range of 10 cm 

6. "Glory" Vegan Nail Lacquer T-Series (Full Size) Retails at: $20

 it is a nail lacquer from profesional nail care vrand with self-developed built-in brush that makes color on your nail as you see from the bottle .
This is also one of my favorite products, colors are very soft and easy to dry nail polish, it really helped me when I was briskly

7. "SEP" Face Lifting Mask (Full Size) Retails at: $14
it is a 6-in-1 facial hdrogel mask with fabric that used for body shaping underwear inside. it infuses with intensive nutrition , fights against wrinkle , brightens,firms , and hydrates the skin . This is my favorite mask, this mask has a lace motif, unlike the usual mask that only a plain white mask but this one has a funny motif, so pity to throw it away =.= 
This mask makes my facial skin becomes more toned and supple. really love this product 

Okay everyone , this is my review , and really love this box . I am very satisfied because the box is saved in an amazing treasure for all women, if you want pretty you should buy it , Be beautifull with MEMEBOX 

How much does Memebox cost?
Memebox costs $21 + $7 shipping BUT you will get the shipping cost back. Memebox's website has a point/store credit system where 1 point = $1 and you get these points on purchases you make. When you buy a Memebox, you get 7 points from the store to use on future purchases, so technically you're only paying $21 for the box.

Is Memebox a monthly subscription box?
As of right now it is not. All the boxes are available for 1-time purchase, meaning you aren't "subscribed" to anything like other beauty box services like Birchbox or Glossybox. Memebox will email you a notification whenever they launch a new box.

and I've got good news for you all from indonesia  they said , they are going to open the delivery to Indonesia, and it will be available in few days. they will keep you updated so i can let you know everyone.
Thks so much MEMEBOX i am  really like memebox because memebox is the only beauty box that provides Korean product, which is in the design of some products, affordable prices, and most importantly memebox  can be made me more beautiful 
guys let's see MEMEBOX Global edition click me . it's just 21.00USD

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Introducing Martofchina

Hello, everyone, this Saturday night I'm going to review an online shop that sells Clothes, shoes, etc. what is this ...... *tadaaaaahh* it is MartOfChina.com , have you hear before ?

Who Martofchina are?
Martofchina.com is an online fashion clothing store, to provide with a Wide Selection of Quality Products at
Factory Low Price, the latest popular fashion clothes are added every day on Martofchina.com. People can
enjoy a very good life here.

MartOfChina.com is a China-based global online wholesaler that is a worldwide business leader in selling blue-ribbon cheap fashion clothing.
Oh god Martofchina, selling several fashion products with WHOLESALE prices , and CHEAP prices , and you must know Martofchina is worldwide shipping  
Martofchina  serve customers from virtually every country in the world , and our goal is to be able to serve everyone worldwide. But our vision won’t change: Professional wholesale mart online

MartOfChina.com has several programs such as Wholesale and Affilate ,
Allying with many factories, Martofchina.com can wholesale at very cheap price. Martofchina also have discount system, the more you order the more discount you get. About our discount policy please

Fashion wholesalers could enjoy fast delivery service when you order items from
Martofchina.com . they  offer many shipping methods which cover more than 200 countries. So fashion wholesalers do not need to worry whether your package can be delivered to your home successfully. Please

click here to see the shipping information. 

HOW TO EARN MONEY FROM Martofchina.com
you can join the affiliate program of MartofChina. if you join you get a lot of benefits and Earn More Money with Martofchina - Earn 12%-21% Commission , including  :
1: Additional 5% commission on the first month for new partners joined.
2:60 days cookies.
3: Most customers buy more than $ 100 per visit.
4: Regular updates with new banners, text links, deals and product datafeed.
and last , My Favorite item at Martofchina 

Trendy High Low Hem Animal Print Knitting Sweaters 

Shop Price: USD 19.57

      Description :

Collar: Round neck
Sleeve Length: Long Sleeve
Clothing Length: Regular
Material: Knitting wool
Sweaters Type: Pullovers
Shoulder (cm): 57cm
Bust (cm): 112cm
Sleeve Length (cm): 61cm
Clothing Length (cm): 54-63cm

Sweet Lace Up Non Slip Sole Grey Canvas Platforms Plus Size 

Shop Price: USD 13.59

Two Piece Sets Hat Design Loose Denim Jackets and Cotton Waistcoat

Shop Price: USD 17.25


Sleeve Length: Long Sleeve
Closure Type: single breasted
Clothing Length: Short
Material: Denim
Bust (cm): 122cm
Clothing Length (cm): 53cm

Come hunt in Martofchina, at a low price we can buy clothes with high quality , 


Follow them on 

Facebook : Mart of China.com 

Twitter : @martofchina

Pinterest : martofchina .com

Youtube : huijuan wang









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hellow every one , Swasdeekha ,  hope it's not yet too late to greet each and everyone of you a Happy New Year! happy new year happy new year happy new year happy new year girls !, 
more goals,  more achievements, more strength in 2014 . this post I 
will tell about online shop that sells a variety of purposes woman *LOL

let's check it out !!~
what is this ...... *drumroll* taadaaahhh i'll talk more about AUPIE 

Aupie was established in the 2008's Christmas night. Just within half a year, Aupie has changed from a simple vintage specialty shop into a pint-sized platform of high-street fashion.
Under the accelerating development of information today, FASHION, known widely by those SWEETS, no longer only belongs to the editors or stars. In latest five years, more and more accesses are made towards the street talents, for instance, LOOKBOOK.NU and chictopia and so on.Runaway is no longer the only origin of fashion inspiration. In the next 5-10 years, or even half a century, the streets will become the exclusive type of an important trend. Wherever you are in a small village in Switzerland or in the fashion capital New York, whether you are a student with a love of fashion or a fashion blogger, in the absolute world, the street is runway, where you can prove to the whole world that "I am a fashion girl" with your styling inspiration and cameras. So of course, there must be Aupie collections in your extraordinary wardrobe.

Why choose AUPIE ?

As a fashion lover and high-street addict, if you don't know Aupie, if your wardrobe do not have Aupie design, then you are out of the street light!
Reasons why Aupie
(1) During the year 2011, we keep the rate of updating 100 latest and best styles every day.
(2) Why out of stock? Frequently asked by our customers, is a very common question. Because of limited stock and little possibility of being back in stock in 2011, all products in Aupie is limited. So, if you really like, you have to decide immediately, because the time limit may be one week or one day or even one second. So, pay attention to AUPIE every day!
(4) 60 days' returning policy.(within two months time to test our products and service).
(5) WE ARE DOING BETTER! AUPIE are a team of valuing our customers. Every question that customers put forward is treated carefully and will be improved within practicable range. If it is not dealt with in a short time, you will accept AUPIE sincere apology. Growth needs price and your suggestion will be AUPIE best gift. If you have any suggestions, you can email AUPIE at service@aupie.com.

Bonus Point Program
What is the AUPIE bonus point program?
AUPIE re always thinking up ways to make aupie better, and never stop our steps of bringing customers more benefits. If you haven't already been informed about this excited to program, read ahead! We would like to introduce you to just one of those ways — It's Aupie Bonus Point Program! (SBPP).
How to enter:
AApproach : Exchanging money into Aupie Points!
This is simply the most effective and easy way to get Aupie Ponits, so as long as you purchase our products in AUPIE online shop (aupie.com) the bonus points will be added to your account automatically. Each USDollar spent could change into 1 Aupie Point, for e.g: $100 spent on items in our online shop = 100 Aupie Points will be added to your account breezily!

How can I redeem my Bonus Points?
Once you accumulate bonus points, you will be eligible to redeem them next time your purchase. To redeem your Aupie Bonus Points, just enter it in your shopping cart and you'll save money! It’s that simple.
Where can I check my point status?
Log into your account and click "Bonus Point Program" to check up your points and status.
P.s. Each point is equivalent to 1 cents, you can redeem it next time you purchase on aupie.com!

and last my favorite item on AUPIE  is 



Aupie High Street Fashion Store, 20% off for first order with 
coupon code Aupie.com All women's fashion in Aupie.com