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hellow every one , Swasdeekha ,  hope it's not yet too late to greet each and everyone of you a Happy New Year! happy new year happy new year happy new year happy new year girls !, 
more goals,  more achievements, more strength in 2014 . this post I 
will tell about online shop that sells a variety of purposes woman *LOL

let's check it out !!~
what is this ...... *drumroll* taadaaahhh i'll talk more about AUPIE 

Aupie was established in the 2008's Christmas night. Just within half a year, Aupie has changed from a simple vintage specialty shop into a pint-sized platform of high-street fashion.
Under the accelerating development of information today, FASHION, known widely by those SWEETS, no longer only belongs to the editors or stars. In latest five years, more and more accesses are made towards the street talents, for instance, LOOKBOOK.NU and chictopia and so on.Runaway is no longer the only origin of fashion inspiration. In the next 5-10 years, or even half a century, the streets will become the exclusive type of an important trend. Wherever you are in a small village in Switzerland or in the fashion capital New York, whether you are a student with a love of fashion or a fashion blogger, in the absolute world, the street is runway, where you can prove to the whole world that "I am a fashion girl" with your styling inspiration and cameras. So of course, there must be Aupie collections in your extraordinary wardrobe.

Why choose AUPIE ?

As a fashion lover and high-street addict, if you don't know Aupie, if your wardrobe do not have Aupie design, then you are out of the street light!
Reasons why Aupie
(1) During the year 2011, we keep the rate of updating 100 latest and best styles every day.
(2) Why out of stock? Frequently asked by our customers, is a very common question. Because of limited stock and little possibility of being back in stock in 2011, all products in Aupie is limited. So, if you really like, you have to decide immediately, because the time limit may be one week or one day or even one second. So, pay attention to AUPIE every day!
(4) 60 days' returning policy.(within two months time to test our products and service).
(5) WE ARE DOING BETTER! AUPIE are a team of valuing our customers. Every question that customers put forward is treated carefully and will be improved within practicable range. If it is not dealt with in a short time, you will accept AUPIE sincere apology. Growth needs price and your suggestion will be AUPIE best gift. If you have any suggestions, you can email AUPIE at service@aupie.com.

Bonus Point Program
What is the AUPIE bonus point program?
AUPIE re always thinking up ways to make aupie better, and never stop our steps of bringing customers more benefits. If you haven't already been informed about this excited to program, read ahead! We would like to introduce you to just one of those ways — It's Aupie Bonus Point Program! (SBPP).
How to enter:
AApproach : Exchanging money into Aupie Points!
This is simply the most effective and easy way to get Aupie Ponits, so as long as you purchase our products in AUPIE online shop (aupie.com) the bonus points will be added to your account automatically. Each USDollar spent could change into 1 Aupie Point, for e.g: $100 spent on items in our online shop = 100 Aupie Points will be added to your account breezily!

How can I redeem my Bonus Points?
Once you accumulate bonus points, you will be eligible to redeem them next time your purchase. To redeem your Aupie Bonus Points, just enter it in your shopping cart and you'll save money! It’s that simple.
Where can I check my point status?
Log into your account and click "Bonus Point Program" to check up your points and status.
P.s. Each point is equivalent to 1 cents, you can redeem it next time you purchase on aupie.com!

and last my favorite item on AUPIE  is 



Aupie High Street Fashion Store, 20% off for first order with 
coupon code Aupie.com All women's fashion in Aupie.com

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